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Using Online Contests To Grow Your Contacts

PamelaSuePamelaSue subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2007 in Marketing
Using online contest to grow your contact list is growing in popularity. Recently I have noticed that several online businesses have become known as the experts in gaining substantial results by using contests.
Choosing a prize that would be of interest to your target market and then choosing a theme for the contest.  The theme can be around a calendar event (such as Valentine`s Day), a networking event (website launch) or a business milestone (business anniversary).
Of course, you must think through how your online participants will enter the contest, but there are many a free programs that generate a themed form.
Advertising will be the next thing to think about. If you don`t advertise that you are running a contest, your target market won`t come to enter. Post on forums, distribute press releases, articles about running contests and send out an announcement to your present contact list. Partner up with a membership site (of your target market) and have them post it on their member site and/or include in their newsletter. This is usually well received because it is of value to their members.
My newest contest was launched yesterday. I partnered up with 2 other business owners and we are giving away 2 complimentary admissions each week, to the "Walk the Walk For Financial Freedom" Virtual Growth Summit on April 27 - 29, 2007. This summit is 3 days of intensive focus on business growth, power networking, global connections and much more.  Look for the butterfly and flower button on 3 separate sites.  The first site is http://www.EnergyTourCafe.com</A>
If you have held online contests, please share what theme and what the results were.  Did you gain substantial contacts? What would you change in your next contest?
Pamela Akkerman


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    PamelaSuePamelaSue subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Casavalridge,
    I don`t have any extensive experience in IRS tax laws but I had always been told by my CPA, that anything over $50 in value must be reported to the IRS. I believe it is up to the receipent to claim the prize on their year-end taxes. 
    Maybe someone else has more experience in this. I have always tried to keep it under $50 except with our current contest which is valued at $249 each.
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    UtopiaUtopia subscriber Posts: 0
    We have a "Pool" contest every month. Generate X amount of sales and get a "share" of the pool. A person can get more than one share. Last month each share was worth $1300 each. There were several people that had more than one share.
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    pepperlegalpepperlegal subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    There are state and federal sweepstakes laws that need to be considered when running a contest or other promotion.  These laws prohibit games of chance that contain the element of a prize, chance and consideration.  The penalties for violating these laws are steep, so any promotion should be legally reviewed before you launch it.
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    emb806emb806 subscriber Posts: 0
    I just found a cool prize web page that let other web page pool the contest
    To offer some great prizes (I am working on setting mien up right now)
    You can tailor it to fit your predicts team and so on works much like adsense
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    ethnicommethnicomm subscriber Posts: 1
    On caffeinenow, the cost is $1 per entrant (like $1/click on adwords) . Any idea on how to contain costs without annoying legitimate customers?
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    melcoachmelcoach subscriber Posts: 1
    I put on a contest last year called "The Clean Sweep Challenge." The contest had three purposes. One, to give back and add value to the community. Two, to grow our database. Three, to give people a taste of what we do in our coaching programs.
    The contest was to challenge people to take one day out of their life and "handle" the energy drains, clutter, incomplete tasks, etc. that get in the way of accomplishing their goals.
    Everyone who posted an update on the forum with a "win" got a prize from one of our sponsors. It as a lot of fun and was very successful in having people share the contest with others.
    If you want to check it out, you can go to www.cleansweepchallenge.com</A>. Even though the contest isn`t active, you can still download the tools for yourself and schedule your own Challenge Day.
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