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yulisayulisa subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2006 in Business Planning
I`m trying to start a tiny Plumbing & Heating business but I`m so confused about where to go. I`ve got the equiptment for work, but it`s the where to register and with who, that I don`t know. I`ve been told that if there`s no employees but me that I should only register with the city I live in. But I`m not sure, Because I don`t want to go wrong already. Please help


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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Just as a side note, you may want to check with your city officials
    (you can do this while filling out the paperwork for a biz license) to
    see if you need to be bonded. That`s like having insurance for working
    in homes and businesses.
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    RalfRalf subscriber Posts: 0
    Try to locate S.C.O.R.E. (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) in your area. They will be happy to guide you. They can tell you what kind of insurance you need, where to register, and many more valuable things. Their basic function is to help small businesses get of the ground, and their services are free.
    As a personal thought, I would always consider to register such a business as either an S-corporation or - perhaps even better - as an LLC. Both legal entities will protect you personally from certain liabilities, which is very important. Generally, both forms provide the same tax benefits, but an LLC involves less paperwork.
    For your business and as a sole employee, I would probably go with an LLC, but please consult with a professional CPA or lawyer. I`m neither, so this is only my opinion.
    Good luck & lots of success,
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    LordEmsworthLordEmsworth subscriber Posts: 0
    Make sure you have good insurance - including liability, health and disability.
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