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On-line marketing help

MadalynMadalyn subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2006 in Marketing
I`m starting a new business and would like to hear from anyone about web marketing techniques that have worked. My business is marketing a new nutraceutical that is the only product on earth to stimulate your own body`s repair system naturally. It`s hot...but for all my trying, I have not figured out this era`s challenge of internet visibility. Thanks, Madalyn


  • EmeraldEmerald subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Madalyn, congrats on your business startup.
    You could try to create a free report that tells of the benfits of your new product.
    You could provide suggestions on how this product would benefit them, mention things that a person would not think of right away.
    Then setup an autoresponder to capture their information automatically.  This way, only people that sign up would be interested and you can share your marketing message with them again.
    Hope that helps,
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    ...web marketing techniques that have worked...That`s a pretty broad category Madalyn - online marketing is almost as diverse and complicated a topic area as offline marketing, with numerous techniques and strategies you can employ.Are you saying you`ve attempted certain techniques, but haven`t been successful?  If so, what have you been trying to accomplish and how?  Are you just dipping a toe in the water and haven`t really made a commitment to any specific strategy?
  • GunaGuna subscriber Posts: 2
    I think you should buy some Google Adwords or any other target
    marketing ads to see if your product sells. My advice would be to go
    with target marketing for your market. To do that you will have to come
    up with some good keywords that define your product. Take those
    keywords and buy some ads for them. Run it for few days and see if
    those clicks means purchase. If not then you need to either fix up your
    site to convince the user or find other target keywords to drive users.

    Once you find it working for paid target marketing then you can start
    working on some of the free marketing techniques to drive free traffic.
    Such as writing articles about a topic that is related to your product
    and then posting them on article engines. It will send you some quality

    Best wishes.
  • MadalynMadalyn subscriber Posts: 1
    THanks for your suggestions!  I think what I need is to hire someone to put it together at a cost I can handle as I am swamped with with the start up. It seems like a big learning curve.
  • calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
    Ecademy, how is that really? I am in so many online networks...I just can`t believe that another one is really that good...Calvin
  • admanadman subscriber Posts: 3
    Don`t overlook blogging.  It`s definately time consuming and you need to be dedicated, but it`s so worthwhile in the long term.
    I`ve discovered/uncovered this e-book that really summed up lowcost/no-cost promotional methods for e-tailers.
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