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Hi from Flash Factory

FlashFactoryFlashFactory subscriber Posts: 5
edited March 2009 in New Member Welcome
Hi Everyone,
I`m part of a company called Flash Factory, we are an online Flash website builder- made easy. We`ve been developing our site and product for about 18 months now and thought Start Up Nation was a great place to spread word about our company.
I have found this site to be a very useful tool in connecting with many individuals in various businesses.
We feel that our product can be beneficial to many people looking for a great website to promote their company.
Check us out at:
Thanks, have a great day!FlashFactory3/20/2009 2:54 PM


  • MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    Welcome Flash Factory! Great to meet you. Good luck on your continued success with your product.
  • aedavisaedavis subscriber Posts: 7
    I was looking at your name and I was wondering how do you motivate Entrepreneurs and can you give me some suggestions to getting some investor`s
  • CharleneBlacerCharleneBlacer subscriber Posts: 0
    wow a flash website in 30 mins awesome!
  • FlashFactoryFlashFactory subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks for the replies!
    I`m only a campaign manager for the company however, I think that in order to motivate entrepreneurs you have to set goals that are:
    1) Specific
    2) Measurable
    3) Attainable
    4) Realistic
    5) Timely
    With these goals in mind, you have to be committed to and look aside the negatives and "what ifs." If you believe that your product or service is good enough then it gives you that much more motivation to get the job done.
    As far as getting investors, it`s all about networking and the people you know. I know a few of our own employees have invested in the company but I myself do not feel that I`m the best person to give you any suggestions about that. Sorry.
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