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Get Flashed! - Critique Flash Factory

FlashFactoryFlashFactory subscriber Posts: 5
edited May 2009 in Website Critique
Flash Fac·to·ry (Flash fak-tuh-ree) n. a fun application for launching Flash websites.
Question: Does the common business owner really know the difference between HTML and Flash?
We`ve recently released our new homepage making it simple and efficient
for almost anyone to use. There are a few things we still need to tweak
out but overall, we hope you like our site!
Right now we are offering a free 14-day trial. Check us out at FlashFactory.com!
We`d love to hear your thoughts! Please let us know:
1) How your experience
was in using our system (easy, complicated, etc.)
2) Any problems you may come across
3) What you liked about our site
4) What you did not like about our site
5) If this is something you would use yourself or even recommend to a friend
Any type of feedback is always appreciated.
-Team Flash Factory (Ready For Launch!)
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