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One of U, Looking for some info, St. Louis

omitrademanomitrademan subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2007 in New Member Welcome
I have an idea of a good marketable product which involve creating storage bags of clothes, cardboard and some wood.
I have the basic idea. But I want the product to look professional. I am worried to not disclose it to anyone until I start maketing it but I also need help to finish the product.
This is more like a chicken and egg problem.
To make the product look professional I have few options:
1) Join some short parttime course to learn making storage bags professionally.
2) Contact a producer who will not cheat as he has all the tools needed to produce it.
Any help regarding the above two options is greatly appreciated.
God bless you


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    ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    well if the bag is fabric you could pay a private seemstress to make some samples that you can take around. For cardboard, you could use posterboard and make it smaller, again for leave behinds/examples. The wood ones, you`ll need to find a wood worker and have him build you some. Becareful because these small runs can be very expensive.
    Without knowing exactly what they are, thats about all I can come up with.
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    omitrademanomitrademan subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks guys for looking into and trying to help.
    All I have is an great big idea, I think I can build one/two of the product at home. I might start with it.
    But I hear all the stories of people selling to big department stores and setting up mass production.
    Whom should I contact about it? Is there any information about? Are there geniune experienced people with good track record of encouraging inventors with whom I can setup some form of partnership?
    Sorry guys for asking theses questions but I do not have anyone who is in the business field, all I have are you all that can help.
    here is my plan in the mean time.
    1) Build the product at home
    2) Sell on ebay (worried to sell as someone migh copy the product)
    3) If response is good file a patent
    But stuck up with expansion plans
    4) Find a reliable experienced partner to help with expansion plans of mass production and dealing with big department stores.
    What do you think.omitrademan2007-7-19 11:1:21
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    ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Hello omitrademan! You might get more answers if you posted this question in the Developing your invention forum
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