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ArmorEntertainmentArmorEntertainment subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2006 in Marketing
Looking for a catchy slogan to use. I`m starting a Dj`ing business that caters to the 21+ demographic. My business name is Armor Entertainment. I`m looking for something i can put on flyers or other advertising. Any suggestions.


  • EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    Without knowing anything about you and some specifics about it`s a difficult thing to do.
    Do you want it to just be catchy or do you want it to be about you and how you do business. Who do you feel you most appeal to currently?
    Do you want it to appeal to the wedding crowd or to the club scene or anybody and everybody?
    The people here love these kinds of questions but they always need more information than you`ve provided.  See what else you can share.
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Also, maybe you can tell us why you chose the name `Armor Entertainment` for your business.
    If there was a specific reason, that might help us to come up with a slogan as well.
  • ArmorEntertainmentArmorEntertainment subscriber Posts: 2
    Mostly it will be the club scene, the name doesn`t really have any particular meaning. After i get the DJ portion up and running, and i hope to open a nightclub and a strip club in the area, as i have experience running both. I don`t know if that helps
  • JackedeJackede subscriber Posts: 1
    How are you going to use the slogan? Is it going to be used like a
    tagline for advertising purposes... Armor Entertainment,
    the_______________. Or is it your mantra and will be said verbally
    during your events. If it`s going to be used as an advertising effort,
    then it should encompass what you beleive Armor Entertainment is about.
    It`s a first step in communicating to your customers what they can
    expect from Armor Entertainment.

  • ArmorEntertainmentArmorEntertainment subscriber Posts: 2
    The target audience is hip-hop, R&B basic top 40. i was thinking about a slogan something like.
    Armor Entertainment- Your Protection against a boring night
  • DragginbuttDragginbutt subscriber Posts: 0
    "Spinning discs till dawn" or something... Actually, what ever you come up with, has to be a two second thing.  Everyone needs a guy for this or that... you need to be the go to guy... the phrase should reflect that when a person needs your service, you are the go to guy..  Graphics will be imprtant in your logo as well.
  • deepspacedeepspace subscriber Posts: 0
    I think u have to lock deep in you and u will find your slogan
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