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SEO made easy with your help!

OllieGoOllieGo subscriber Posts: 1

launching a new style of SEO service for small and medium sized
businesses. Everyone who answers will be given a free gift! Thanks!

When you arrive at a site that offers SEO services…what is the first thing you want to see / find?
What questions do you have about SEO?
What pains you most about SEO?
What guarantees would you like to see?
How much would you pay per month to have your website listed in the top 5 rankings on Google?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how interested would you be in a service that equipped you to easily manage your own SEO.  10 = ‘very interested.’


  • SandraSSandraS subscriber Posts: 4
    Question #1: The cost for what service offered.
    #2: How can paying for a service affect getting a higher position on search listings?
    #3: Trying to crack the puzzle of how to get listed, let alone on a first page position.
    #4: Page position on search engines in the top 3
    #5: ??
    #6: 10
  • OllieGoOllieGo subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi SandraS,
    Thanks for you input.  I am the marketer / copywriter in this project.  I am glad to hear that you would be interested in a service that allows you to manage your own SEO.  The guy who owns it wants to set it up like a membership site.  You sign up and, with his assistance, you would choose from various strategies improve your ranking.  This allows business owners who are just starting out to go at their own pace and manage their SEO budget.
    The site is thesearchenginepros.com
    If you have any other input, we would greatly appreciate it...and like I mentioned, we`ll reward you for the information!
    Kind regards,
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I think there are two ways to answer these .... from the view of one that knows little to nothing about SEO, and the view of one that has been there, done that, & got the t-shirt.
    Newbie answers:
    1) How does it work, and what are the results?
    2) What is it, and why shouldn`t I do it myself?
    3) Understanding all the different parts of it.
    4) Obviously, top rankings.
    5) A lot if I`m making money.
    6) 10
    From one that`s been there:
    1) Services, testimonials, stats on improved rankings for existing customers.
    2) Not many, I stick to the basics.
    3) Time
    4) None. No one can guarantee high placement.
    5) $0. How would you do this? I`ve never heard of a "light switch" effect on rankings; pay and you`re up there, don`t pay and you drop.
    2) 2
    Without actually seeing what you offer, what you`ve done already, and so called "guarantees", there`s no way I`d buy into it. I have had so many snail mails, emails and phone calls from SEO companies wanting to work with me on web sites, and the sites they are talking about are already in the top 5 of all the search engines. Maybe I`m skeptical from experience, but I`d pass.
  • OllieGoOllieGo subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Webline, really great information.
    For newbies I feel like we can spell it out clearly.  For the experienced, like yourself...your input is gold.  And yes, that does seem odd - being approached by SEO services when you are already up there.
    Thanks again,
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Just curious ....
    "How much would you pay per month to have your website listed in the top 5 rankings on Google?"
    How are you managing this? And, how can you place any type of guarantee on it?
  • steerssteers subscriber Posts: 0
    Now that's interesting. What are these free gifts you offer? I'm just curious on your post. Is this some sort of survey or something?
  • ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
    Does what it says on the tin. It's elegantly composed, about treading that line between not utilizing dark cap SEO strategies, which will get you down evaluated by the google seek calculations, yet as yet gaming the framework inside the limits given. By and large, the point of the regularly advancing google calculations is to move towards compensate those locales with the best, most applicable, latest substance, and the best connections to the most trustworthy different destinations. In any case, as each one seems to be, or ought to, attempt to do this, this book helps to attempt and empower perusers to enhance their own execution inside this front line. Great read, and not very long to get past either
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