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Help needed...

PerfectPlayersPerfectPlayers Posts: 1subscriber
I am a rather young individual and am trying to start my own website. I have a fuctional domain/url, got it from webs.com. I know it`s not the best but its something to work with. I just started working on it today and I wondered how I might create a login feature. Would This cost me out of poket expenses? Or does it require codeing? I am quite confused and thought I might post here, hopefully I get replys.


  • vwebworldvwebworld Posts: 40subscriber
    A login feature is not that complex, but it depends upon what other features you want as part of or behind the login. With a login you need to think about how login and passwords are generated and managed.
    Using a pre-made script may be your best bet. Just do a search for scripts using a search term relevant to your site or features. Membership site, gaming site, etc.
  • WeblineWebline Posts: 13subscriber
    Like Craig stated, what is the purpose of having one? It`s only practical if it serves a purpose, so if you want to have member profiles, limited access to some pages by members, etc., then it makes sense. But understand why you want to do it to start with; just thinking it`s a "cool" feature and adding it is not beneficial.
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