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A New Line T-Shirts !

NiamkeNiamke subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in Elevator Pitches
   I have developed a New Line of T-Shirts directed toward Regular People who
need to know They Matter.A Series Of Seven (7) Shirts.There is no Profanity,A
Sample can be provided under Proper Conditions.I seek An Investor who has the
Ability To Market .Have gotten great response just showing prototypes.
   Any Honest assistance will be appreciated.
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Oba   Ndungata
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Contact Me:[email protected]   


  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It sounds like you are seeking a partner (rather than a "passive" investor). Finding one individual who has all the right stuff can be a challenge:

    Passion for your business
    Commitment to work to build it
    the marketing skills and knowledge
    The ability to provide the capital (and willingness to do so)
    Most important - someone you can work with for the long term.
    Many entrepreneurs have better success when they separate these requirements and build their "team" (ie your enthusiastic and committed  marketing expert) then seek capital.
  • NiamkeNiamke subscriber Posts: 1
          Yes,A Partner ,someone with marketing knowledge.The cost can be
       low as customers pay as they order.I have sold twenty so far just asking
       friends and their friends.Would be willing to negotiate a great percentage
       Deal for Partner when found.
             &nbs p;    
             &nbs p;    
    Note:The Shirts cost $8.00 To Produce,I have been selling them
             &nbs p;    
    Thank You,
             &nbs p;                                                                    
    Oba  Ndungata
             &nbs p;                                                            
    [email protected]
             &nbs p;                              
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