Which form do I need for my copyright?

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Hello,I`m just trying to start up my business and I already stocked here.My questions are below:1.Is it possible to apply for copyright by myself?2:Which form do I need for myself? I have a website and I design dressed and make it so my business is retails(might be online too.)Do I need to apply for form VA(Visual art work form)? Is it included contents and photos on my website? Or Do I need to apply for  literary works form too?Thanks,


  • pepperlegalpepperlegal subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    1.  Yes.2.  Form TX is typically used for computer code for websites.  Form VA is usually used for designs and visual arts.If you are seeking to protect separate photos and other specific content on your site, you may need to register those elements individually, depending upon the nature of the content.
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