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Online marketing? What works?

nuSenonuSeno Posts: 6subscriber
edited October 2016 in Marketing
We are looking for the best way to utilize online tools to market our web site for our premier product.  It is scheduled to go live December 1st 2008.  Does anyone have any feedback or ideas on sites like  or or or
Will we run into any problems by submitting to more than one PR site?


  • davincivirtualdavincivirtual Posts: 1subscriber Member
    Can you be more specific about what your needs are? Are you asking about social media marketing? Sites like are really easy to use, submit a well written press release and they do the rest for you...but I don`t think that will bring much traffic by itself. 
    Happy to make a suggestion if I have a bit of additional info.
  • mahriyahmahriyah Posts: 2subscriber
    I would suggest adding your site to the many online directories. As for PR websites send out your press release to as many free PR websites you can find. I have a list of about 30 of them. If you`re interested let me know and I can send you a copy via email.
    Maria KissingerMy link
  • nuSenonuSeno Posts: 6subscriber
    Maria K we would love to see that list of PR site.  Guys thanks for all the wonderful replies, once our site is up and running I will forward out the url for review
    Again thanks
  • PhillipsPhillips Posts: 68subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Without saying much I will directly suggest you to pot for hybrid email marketing.Start using tool called Easysendy Pro,which will help in sending bulk emails to generate good business leads with NO SPAM.It is low cost ($23) than any other email marketing tool and also gives you 2000 subscribers free for each month
  • Sandra YanceySandra Yancey Dallas , Texas , 75254Posts: 31subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Online marketing is a great way to generate a passive income online, but it takes a few years to assemble an Empire. Instant riches is often over exploited, and mental misdirection is the cause of many newbies losing interest and give up.
  • DenefitsDenefits CaliforniaPosts: 7subscriber Member
    Online marketing is a set of tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the internet. Online marketing includes a wider range of marketing elements than traditional business marketing due to the extra channels and marketing mechanisms available on the internet.
  • Justin evansJustin evans Posts: 34subscriber Bronze Level Member
    edited September 12
    Well, online marketing nowadays is an effective way to generate leads and reach out to the potential customers. You must have multiple social platforms to promote your product or/services. Utilize the online world to its best, and it's the best way I think.
  • Emilie64Emilie64 PauPosts: 1subscriber Member
    Hello guys,
    It's hard to provide specific advise with little details about your business. However, based on the info above, I would say that submitting your product in PR websites wouldn't be enough.
    You should definively work with social medias (more or less - depending on your field), get a Google Ads (Adwords) campaign running while working on your SEO (or leaving that part to an agency). Having a professional Youtube video can be powerful too.
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