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How to run a efficient computer retail store?

NyuuNyuu subscriber Posts: 3
edited May 2007 in Business Planning
I don`t mean a repair shop I mean dealing in computer parts, yup selling them. That way I don`t need unnecessary service engineers. I have almost finished the first step and that is registering the company name.But need to get retailership or distributorship on leading brands to get started.So help me plan on what things i have to keep in mind while running such a business. Does pricing play an important role?Discuss.


  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    Well my first concern would be getting stuck with outdated parts like graphic cards, etc. Stuff gets dated exteremly quickly and I would be very careful with that stuff. With that said what`s going to make you stand above the crowd and have the shoppers flocking in? Will it be online? There`s alot of competition out there and it`s a tough market.
    For me, I read TONS of reviews before I buy any computer related item. If your store or online shop had a well written comparison of parts like Tomshardware.com then I think you`ll gain respect much quicker in the public eye.
    Can you give us a bit more insight into your idea please.
  • TheBackupManTheBackupMan subscriber Posts: 0
    You may want to take a trip to one of the local weekend computer shows.  Usually there are vendors from a variety of locations, and you can get an idea what they are selling, what`s hot and setting prices.  
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    "So help me plan on what things i have to keep in mind while running such a business. Does pricing play an important role?"Please take a step back and rethink this idea!
  • PeterBowenPeterBowen subscriber Posts: 0
    Do the homework. How much do you have to sell in order to pay the rent, and insurance, and staff, and still give you a return on your money.There is now only one small computer store left in my town and he looks like he is going under, and if you`re not even offering service and advice I see little to make it better buying from you than from Dell or PC worldRethink - come up with a differentiator and we can look at it in a bit more detailSorry to be so harshCheersPete
  • NyuuNyuu subscriber Posts: 3
    Woah... I`m in india, alright? as far as computers are concerned anyone who can get a slight lead will rule the entire sales! The competitions are not as intense here as in other countries and several.. several good parts are not available in the whole country. It has to be either imported with a steep 41% duty as well as above 400$+ shipping.I`m planning to start outlets thought the country one-by-one depending on the success of the other. That said.. the market is very expandable. But I`m not confident in it much as I`m very new to this field. Its been only three years since I began using computer and its only the last year that I immersed myself in to it. Frankly i was interested in programming and 3d design but later shifted my interest to hardwares. I tried buying parts and put them up and more and more. Eventually I realized that I have a knack for it.I was mainly thinking of getting only two staffs with masters degrees. Would build systems and assist sales i.e whether the parts are compatible and what not. Then there would be three more people as store keepers, billing so and so.The thing is there are several IT software, electronics companies here in India and they need parts regularly. The main thing is they eye on who is popularity mentioned and who provides best prices. Then they drop their previous provider and jump on the next one.Having a solid client is somewhat importantly when competition is less.Also my main aim is to get distributorship on various brands so that several retailers will buy things off me for them to sell.... but the problem is I don`t really know where to start. The only step I`ve completed is registering a good name.So in a way I`m not really focusing on selling "one-time" customers. But rather recurring customers like other retailers, software, electronics companies etc.. But i think i have to start as a retailer before several brands such as EVGA, ASUS, Intel etc.. accept me as their distributor.Nyuu2007-5-31 9:35:59
  • NyuuNyuu subscriber Posts: 3
    "So help me plan on what things i have to keep in mind while running such a business. Does pricing play an important role?"Please take a step back and rethink this idea!
    Ok maybe that was a stupid of me to ask Nyuu2007-5-31 9:57:4
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