Product Protection Paranoia (PPP!)

rusmanrusman subscriber Posts: 7
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I have an idea for a product similar to a sticker. These will be cut into unique shapes and have unique artwork on the stickers that I can probably copyright, but the sticker itself I cannot protect.
Since any joe blow can have a sticker made with or without a copyright, I am worried about others starting a copy-cat business selling the same/similar product and this is keeping me from approaching people to survey them about the product. I`m even tentative about approaching other business owners within the field these stickers would be applied about reselling this product.
Is this a valid concern, or should I not be so paranoid and forge ahead with approaching people about the product, both for surveys and for partnering/affiliating? I know I should talk to a patent/copyright attorney, but I don`t have the budget for that yet.
Thanks for the help!
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