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`Invention` Protection

rusmanrusman subscriber Posts: 7
edited December 2007 in Protecting Your Ideas
Hello everyone-
I have an idea for a product, but I`m concerned about how to protect it. Let me use an example that will hopefully help.
For example, I have thought of the idea of a standard, round ball, Christmas ornament. I haven`t seen or heard of this product before. I can make them in many different colors and sizes, and I can also put artwork or other logos on them. It seems it would be easy enough for a competitor to create a similar product with different colors, shapes and artwork/logos.
What type of protection would I need (TM, Patent, C), and would that protect my idea when competitors start selling a similar, but slightly different, product, as stated above?


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    rusmanrusman subscriber Posts: 7
    Good idea on the non-compete/nda. Thanks for the reply, however I have a question:
    I thought a patent was for a `process`? Given my example, this wouldn`t be a new process to make the Christmas ornament, but it would require a new mold (or whatever is used to make the shapes). Given that, would it still be patent-able?
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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    Consult and be prepared to pay a patent attorney.  I disagree that it is always the case that "patents are pretty specific and any minor alteration by a competitor and they are not in violation of your patent."
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    rusmanrusman subscriber Posts: 7
    How much, ballpark, would I be expected to pay a patent attorney? I know that fees vary, but just a close guess would help me budget.
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