Where to find those big company execs to show my invention

kotokkotok subscriber Posts: 1
Hi all,
I am new to this website so here goes my question.
I developed a very simple product that could accommodate the computer accessory industry.
my partner and me have already finished the development product and
have a Chinese manufacturer ready to go. We went through the R&D stage,
prototyping, and our product is patent pending.
I am looking to sell license my idea, or sell my product (either one
would do) to one of the big computer companies (Dell, HP, Apple, Sony).
How would I go about that? I`ve been trying to find some online clues
as to who I should approach and how I can get a meeting with a
marketing exec.
this product is both practical and fashionable and I really think (based on market testing we did abroad) that it can fly.
any ideas???


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