SBA holding me back?

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Looking for some advice on what step to take next.
I spoke to my local SBA about starting a business and they basically told me they wanted to see a business plan before helping me. Once I get this completed they would review it and offer advice on it, as well as set me up with legal counsel and CPA.
While I will be completing the business plan, I`m looking to get moving on a few things, one of them being registering the business with the state as soon as I can and also talk to a Patent/Copyright attorney. Should I go ahead and find these individuals, or do I need to wait for the plan to be completed? I would get a discount on rates through any referrals from the SBA, but I don`t know if I should wait.


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    As always Craig, you have great advice =).
    I probably should get the plan completed and then seek professional advice. At least that way I should be able to answer whatever question they ask and not just `think` I have it all in my head.
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    Thanks. More great insight, Craig. I am terrible about a to do list and have learned to write things down otherwise I`ll forget something!! I`ll take the hint here .
    Winston, I do already have the domain name registered and am planning to register my company name as soon as I can. I`ll check into SCORE this week.
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