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Advice for a New business Person?

NovatrekNovatrek subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2009 in Home-Based Businesses
My name is Saeed. I recently joined Startupnation and I need to start picking brains for ideas. I need information on the types of home business I can start & the cost to start up.
Also, because im new here id like you to give me a couple links to post that you think are "Must Reads".
Thank you


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    MoreFunCoachMoreFunCoach subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Saeed and welcome,It would be helpful before anyone starts giving you ideas if you gave us a little more information about you. What currently keeps you busy during the day? How much time and money do you have available to start a business? What are your skills and interests? Do you need an immediate profit? What limitations do you need to work around - a day job, small children, etc? Do you have any idea what you might like to do? These are all questions to ask yourself.Best wishes!Sherrie
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    workathomeworkathome subscriber Posts: 0
    I`ve been a full time home business consultant for 7 years.  You will find some great information on finding and starting a business at my site:
    It`s important to be very careful before you dive into an opportunity.  Don`t spend money until you have done your homework.  Beware of the scams and check with the Better Business Bureau when you find something that interests you.
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    NovatrekNovatrek subscriber Posts: 1
    Heres a little bit more about me.
    Im 20 yrs old. I currently have about 6 thousand dollars in the bank. I live with my parents and have little living expenses.
    My passion lies in "brick and mortar" type businesses. But, because im just starting out, I plan on going the internet route first. I have all the time in the world which im currently spending on setting up a "google adwords campaign". Although I frequently get distracted by my family members I do seem to get some work done.
    Also, i have a prospective business idea: I want to purchase cars at government auction below the kelly blue book value then resell them.(Just an idea i havent even begun to do research on feasability yet)
    My short term goals are real simple;
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    cashcowcashcow subscriber Posts: 1
    As mentioned earlier. BEWARE of the internet scams. That is the best advise just starting out.
    However, there is and will be a lot of income potential to be made on the internet. There are more and more people signing on for the first time everyday and the trend is not going to stop anytime in the near future.
    Good luck
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    barrylw26barrylw26 subscriber Posts: 0
    I Know a legitimate income opportunity that lets you start at no cost, provides you with free websites, and gives you products and services you can sell and make commission from. Just go to http://www.bestfreeinternetbusiness.info for details.
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    passion09passion09 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi saeed,
    Based on your skill and ability and time you can actually spend on work from home, there is a very good and easy option of making money at no cost. All it takes is an internet connection.  These are the recommended sites where you are paid for your work on an hourly basis.
    1) www.odesk.com
    2) www.elance.com
    get yourself registered for free and hit it.
    Good luck.
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    byrneoff - can`t say it any better
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    saeed - any updates from you? what is up and what did you decide?
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