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Looking for Feedback on Business Idea for Auto Enthusiests

PeterBPeterB subscriber Posts: 6
edited October 2008 in Business Planning
I`ve been working this idea out in my head for quite some time and have started to develop a business plan to work all the kinks out. The business will be for "car enthusiests" by "car enthusiests" I am asking a bunch of people who are just that. Car enthusiests but Im hoping I can get some of your thoughts too.
Please give me your honest and if need be brutal opinion. Any feedback is welcomed and I appreciate anything I hear back on this. Please know that by replying you are helping an aspiring entrepreneur whether your post be positive or negative.
So here is my idea...
I imagine a website that holds weekly competitions for automotive artists & photographers that compete to get paid and get their work printed on T-Shirts, Premium Posters and Calendars which are then sold on our website and geared towards the auto enthusiest crowd.
Here is how it works:
Every week automotive inspired designs are submitted to our website by automotive artists/photographers or anyone whos got some talent in graphic arts. The designs are posted on our community forum and are voted on by the community. The winning design of each category is then printed onto t-shirts, posters etc and offered up for sale to the public. We pay the designers a percentage of each item that sells with their design on it. This could mean risidual income for them for a long time without them doing anything more.
The end product will be unique and already be proven in the marketplace because the customers have already basicaly said they would buy it because they have already voted on it. It could also be a way for artists and photographers to get recognized by adding their name and website to the product.
Please let me know what you think.
If you where a car guy...Would you be interested in buying an item like this? Does the process sound exciting?
If you where an auto artist or photographer, does this sound like something you would participate in?
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