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Hello Everyone!I'm starting a new business and am at a loss on certain things. I would love to hire a lawyer to figure this stuff out, however, I simply do not have the money right now. Any help would be great.I have created a new LLC and am working on a website with a few developers. How do I associate the website with my LLC once its finished? Do I have to register it somehow? Also, does anyone happen to know if I need any sort of license to sell membership to a social networking website?Thanks!


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    how does the social network website work for your site
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    Jeff, thanks for the information! I am still a little unclear on how we are going to link our domain with the LLC. I am assuming I will have to sell the domain the domain name to the LLC.
    The social network is used to maintain communication/interactions for a small niche. We are still developing the features, but functionality will be very similar to other social networking sites out there. We will have some new/unique features, but we are focusing on the user base.
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