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Hi, I’m new and starting a food business

CuisineCuisine subscriber Posts: 1
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Hi , I`m new and would like to introduce myself. I am 31, married and live in South Africa. I am in the process of starting a food business. When browsing through some of the posts I saw that there is great inormation-sharing here so I decided to join the forum. The idea for my business is to prepare(from home) meals (breakfast and lunch) for businesses in our vicinity and deliver. There are many office parks and car dealerships, for instance in our vicinity. They do not have canteens.  My business will work like a food truck, we will not wait for orders(although we`ll take those once we`re established) but we`ll prepare fresh meals and have fixed times when we`ll deliver. We intend to launch in November and I`d like to have any tips on if you were at work, what would you find interesting in terms of food. Also would like ideas on the launch, I was thinking of preparing samples for tasting and leaving pamphlets and bowls full of sweets so they can remember us. The pamphlets will have the menu and delivery times and a phone number should someone want to place an order. We do not have a website yet. We`ll deliver between 8:00 and 11:00 for breakfast (work usually starts at 7:30 or 8 here. Lunch between12:00 and 14:00. I`d like some more marketing ideas to make us stand out and look professional.       &nbsp ;      


  • LtresselLtressel subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Cuisine,
    Welcome to the Forum! It`s great that you have observed the need of food delivery to the working people in your vicinity.  My concern is your November launch. I feel that it might be premature because it seems that your really new to food service.
    Given the information, I`m assuming that you will be distributing the pamphlets, customer phone in orders before a certain cut off time (the day before), you will deliver the orders. I can`t peg it-but I`m not too sure of the idea.
    This is the very reason that fast food chains have carved out a good market for themselves. People can walk in, decide what they want to eat and get the food within 5 minutes. Eat and Run concept. 
    I`m trying not to put a negative twist on your idea because I could be very wrong but home prepared meals might give people a red flag.  Culturally, those can be acceptable. I know in Asia things can be ran that way-maybe even in some parts of Europe. 
    I think what you should do is run the samples for tasting, see if you can get a good demand for it. It should also give you a good sense if you can pull off the stress on food prepping and delivery.  Some people can overlook that fact that they are home made. If it`s a hit and you think you can pull it off-who am I to rant all these off?
    Good luck Cuisine.  Let us know how it all worked out.
  • CuisineCuisine subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you LT for your reply. Good, wholesome, fresh food is big here and that is what I am focusing on. Fast food chains have their place but there is a health awareness campaign that is making people rethink their food choices, so the market is there for such meals. I will consider your point though, November being so close is of concern to me too but I`m working hard and trusting God to help me pull it off. I will keep you posted. 
  • LtresselLtressel subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Cuisine!I got a good suggestion for quick, easy prep and healthy.  Veggie Frittata sandwich. You can bake it in a long deep pan. Cut it square like brownies and stuff in a bread.  Sounds like it would go with the whole healthy campaign.  Ciao,LT
  • CuisineCuisine subscriber Posts: 1
    That sounds good LT, I`ll have to look up the recipe. Thanks a lot for that.
  • CuisineCuisine subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey LT, I`ve just checked out  your website, it`s great, very professionally done and although I`d never heard of your product before, I got a preety good picture of what it is, what it`s for, etc. Great product by the way. I`m not that good with technology but I think your product is really wonderful. I haven`t seen it here in SA, although some people here are technogurus and get all sorts of stuff.
    How is the product doing? 
  • LtresselLtressel subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Cuisine,Thanks for all the compliments. You`re very kind. I`m glad that you got the concept of it. The product is doing really good. We are doing really well in Asia and we are now trying to reach out to the rest of the world.You know my mom`s been to SA. My cousin married there and my mom attended. She`s fallen in love with your country. Someday, I need to visit your country along with my mom and my kids.  I stare at my Table Mountain magnet once in a while and wish to see it someday soon.Keep me posted on the business.  I am really rooting for your success. Ciao!LT
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