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Great time to reopen this paintball field

As you may know paintball is the biggest growing extreme sport out there, and is statically safer then bowling.
I`m a paintball player and the closes paintball place to me has been closed since June of 2007 and the guy who wants to buy it doesn`t have enough money to reopen it. This place is called Factory paintball arena in North Chicago. It use to be a big time paintball place since it`s indoors (the only place you can paintball during the winter), there were some good players paintball there. The reason why they closed is because that the place was mismanaged, the guy who own the place was not a business man, PM me for a post about why it closed and how the owner mismanaged it.
It does not take a paintballer to own the place, you can have a paintballer come in and manage the place for you.
The are no places to paintball anywere close to here, the closes is in Wisconsin or in the city of Chicago and that`s not a easy drive! The paintballers that live in the suburbs north of Chicago have to drive 2 hours to play at a field! Many people have been asking for a place to play, and this will be the only field for miles around. The place does need some fix up, new bunkers, and a air compresser but since it place has been just sitting there for so long I think you can get it for a pretty good price, this field just need a smart business man. I can help with getting out the info of this field on the paintball forums, I know many people have been dieing to see Factory Paintball reopen.
I`m not the owner trying to sell this, I`m just sounding the many paintballers wishes and telling you about a opportunity.


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