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Marketing Computer Support

amcompsolamcompsol subscriber Posts: 6
edited June 2009 in Marketing
Does anyone here have any suggestions on places to focus my advertising efforts in order to develop a customer base?  My company is still in its infancy and could use some assistance in directing marketing the right way.  What would entice you to call me for my services?  Where would you look for my kind of services?
Ari Winokurwww.amcompsol.com


  • dougmcisaacdougmcisaac subscriber Posts: 0
    Great list Joshua.
    I have a coaching client who has a computer consulting business. Most of his referrals come from a gentleman who does cabling and installs phone systems.  It works very well because the first thing people get when they open a new business or move to a new office is their phones.
    Office supply companies are also good referral sources for him.
  • profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
    Just to add to what has already been mentioned:
    IMHO, intuitively, the computer repair business as a whole thrives on a local target market as most folks WON`T ship their computers because it highly inflates the total repair cost and lengthens turnaround time at the very least.  As such, it is a highly competitive undertaking to you locally unless you had the only shop within say, a 30-mile radius.
    That means that its success may depend a lot on you identifying and implementing niche market products and/or services.  So, what is it that you do that is different from your local competitors whereby folks would patronize your shop over someone else`s? If you offer the very same services as your competitors, why then would someone go to you as opposed to someone else especially if they don`t know you personally?  That becomes key.
    One other item to consider - the domain name for your company`s website is not descriptive enough for successful marketing at the lower cost spectrum.  Branding for you could become quite enormous because of that.  The only way I knew what you did was to actually visit your website or look at the thread title otherwise I hadn`t a clue based on your initial posting. I deduced it also based on the replies that `others` provided here in this thread.  That should not be the case as it can actually stunt the growth of your business if folks have to guess and here we`re only communicating via a forum!
    Does that mean that you should abandon your domain name and move your web content? Not at all.  You just need to become more creative - a relatively easy fix. 
    For example: purchase another domain name that is short and to the point (more descriptive) and more generic and redirect it to your existing domain name using e.g. domain forwarding either via your registrar or via a new web account. Then forward it (that poses a different advantage) to your existing account, then market the new  name going forward.  The redirection will get folks to your existing website. Use the new name on printed materials also.  Just be sure to choose a good name.
    Good Luck!profitizer6/12/2009 3:57 AM
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