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Strategy of selling by the supermarket

arenaarena subscriber Posts: 3
edited June 2011 in Sales
In a supermarket, nothing is left to chance, everything is arranged and adapted to entice them to buy.

When we walk into a supermarket we have before our eyes and our senses in general, a world where nothing is left to chance , where everything is organized according to certain principles and commercial dictates in order to offer the best and attract the consumer in such a way as to enable the best buy and the best cost. In short, everything is over and offered to sell as much as possible, how many times it has entered into a supermarket and has come out with twice the things we had in mind to buy? One of the first advice is actually to always prepare a shopping list and then follow it! Maybe by not going to go shopping at lunchtime and on an empty stomach, because we would surely be more attracted to buy what makes us the throat.
What are the techniques that put in place the supermarkets ? First of all it is good to explain the concept of merchandising , ie the set of techniques that govern the behavior intended to buy. This is the way in which the director of the supermarket decides to order the entire exposure of the same on the different references. It is based on the specific choice of individual products, the way they are presented, exhibited, at what height, what specific point of the gondola (or exhibitor), at the same time you also decide the routes, which can be classical or alternative to give more or less free to the consumer.
Our purchases can be of two types:

Planned purchases , in which case everything is decided in advance, the consumer comes to the supermarket with a shopping list and respect it, making purchases without being attracted by offers, billboards, and mirrors available for various larks.
Impulse : in this second case the consumer reaches the supermarket and leave groped by many things, such as the music you hear between departments makes it quiet and well prepared to browse through the other island and then choose the product that will put in your shopping cart.

The sense organs are very targeted in the supermarkets. Hearing : The music is one of the very means used to prepare consumers well, especially when it comes to quiet music like rock and not agitated. Smell : Even the smells , which then act sull'olfatto, one of our most important organs of sense after sight, are a strategic tool. Think about when you are next to the bakery department and have freshly baked baguettes and pizza! The desire to take the bread is still hot and steaming to form queues. And the same goes for the food, where in addition to seeing such as roasted chicken wrapped in smoke, they all feel the smells associated with it. View : Another example is the poster, in which images of the food groups or families to better serve orient our purchases.

Or have you ever noticed that when you buy the pasta or rice, there is a path just after merchandise is not random? You will find, in fact, the saffron, sauces, condiments, peeled and everything that can be used to season a good first course. The layout , that is available and the choice of routes is never the case, but studied at the table .Consider for example the last time you walked into a Autogrill and you found yourself having to walk a "path to be" among the products, so just like that, do not exist within the alternatives, but the tour that you will do will be only and only that. While the supermarket there are "escape routes" between departments, so as to allow the consumer to jump, if desired, from the frozen milk.
Beware, however, that in most cases we are always the ones who decide, it's just a matter of will and attention when you go to the grocery store not to get too attracted by the "siren song" that captivate us and lead us to too many vested , is often useless for our health and for our portfolio.
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