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Alternate name

thomorthomor subscriber Posts: 6
edited July 2007 in Business Planning
Can I actually do this? My company name is ____ Solutions, LLC, I made it when I really didn`t have an idea what I would be doing...since then the ideas have formed and we are in the process of developing the website.Now the business plan calls for taking credit card payments...and I was wondering if I can file for an alternate name for the website? i.e: _____.com, LLC..that way I can use that for credit card statements etc. [I think I can, but I just want to make sure]And if so, must I list the original name in my business too? Or just use that for taxes etc?


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    thomorthomor subscriber Posts: 6
    yeah its like $50, seems like the cheaper alternative to a) changing the name of the business $100b) closing business/reopening with a new name: $225
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    thomorthomor subscriber Posts: 6
    well the plan is to reform into a C-Corp later down the line when there is a decent amount of profit coming in, where I can take advantage of the different tax breaks etc
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    thomorthomor subscriber Posts: 6
    Found the information:Registering
    an alternate name is valuable for corporations. The corporation may
    always use its name. If, however, the corporation wishes to use any
    name other than its name, it must file an alternate name. For example,
    XYZ, Inc., a New Jersey corporation wants to open a restaurant and
    called "Clucky Chicken". XYZ, Inc. must file the alternate name with
    the State of New Jersey in order to operate under "Clucky Chicken". By
    registering the alternate name and obtaining a Certificate of Alternate
    Name, the corporation may use its name or "Clucky Chicken".One
    advantage of registering an alternate name is that you can obtain a
    Federal Identification Number for the name to enable you to open a bank
    account for the business under the alternate name.If
    a business fails to comply with the applicable New Jersey Laws on
    alternate name registrations, the results may be adverse in a court of
    law. A person who fails to comply with the requirements of New Jersey
    Law on alternate names may be charged with a misdemeanor of the second
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