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Easy way to make a web page of thumbnails?

HastyChefHastyChef subscriber Posts: 1
Hi -  I have a bunch of large JPG images and I`m looking for any easy way to generate a web page containing thumbnail images of those JPGs so that if you click on a thumbnail you get to see the large image.  (There must be a million ways to do this.)  I want this to be a webpage on my own site (not on some photo sharing site like Flickr, etc.)  If somebody knows how to do it in Photoshop, that would be helpful.  Otherwise, any (easy) tool you want to suggest would be very helpful.  Thank you!


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Maybe not a million ways... but certainly a lot and how you want the result to look can affect which method to choose.
    Do you want to display the thumbnail and upon a click the full image displays in a new browser window?  or on the same page, in a different area, a different place on the page?
    Here`s an example using CSS to display a bunch of images.
    Her`s a page where clicking on the image, shows the larger image in the browser.
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    HastyChefHastyChef subscriber Posts: 1
    Wow, thank you everybody ... these are all awesome suggestions and I really appreciate it!
    Good luck to you all in your ventures.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Hasty Chef,
    May I suggest, I don`t know what type of Software you have to edit your web site, but you can try this script here... It`s total DHTML
    1. Thumbnails
    2. If you have Flash and Want to venture into creating a better thumbnail viewer, this is what I use for Photo Galleries Slideshow
    I noticed that other`s gave you suggestions regarding wordpress... that would mean you having to have your web site developed in word press,
    If you have a standalone system, where you edit your own images, then you would have to generate them manually, both scripts that I gave you work wonderful.
    The first lightbox script is very easy to integrate, into any web page.
    the second, requires for you to have some knowledge of xml, so instead of creating a heavy flash gallery.... When the Flash Script loads the images to cache memory, it calls the images from your Gallery folder, where updating your images is easy as typing in the name of the image into your xml file and the script does the rest...
    If you want to see the Lightbox, files in action... here`s one of my customers web site that has that capability.
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