What to do next?

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Okay, I have to admit I feel a little lost about what to do next.
I`ve got a few websites I`ve done for people in my portfolio. I know that I want to spruce them up a bit more before putting them out there for  all to see. But I also don`t have a website of my own yet. So my question is two fold:
Should I spruce up these sites before even thinking of hanging out my Shingle?
Do I even have a shot at a web design business based on what you see here?
A Christian singing group`s websitehttp://appointedbygod.org/
An artist portfolios pagehttp://sergii.com/index.htm
Should I try to get more portfolio work done before putting up a website for my own web business?
I ask because I just don`t know how people will precieve a web designer who doesn`t have a web presence of his own yet. But at the same time if there`s not much to show, what am I showing?
Wow I guess that`s way more than 2 fold of a question. I appreciate any input you can provide. Thanks and Happy New Year!


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