new website for singing group looking for feedback

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Hey All I just did this volunteer job for my church`s singing group. Appointed by God.  I am looking for general feedback on the site. Is the site easy to use? What features would you like to see if you were the site`s target audience? (Christian men and women ages 25- 50 that like music)Also graphic and web designers: are there any technical things that i should do differently on the next project or for this current one?


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    Please post a link to the site.
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    oops how silly of me. I honestly thought i did that.The site is: www.appointebygod.orgyou could also get there by using the redirect
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    I think that design wise, you need to spice it up. It doesn`t have a color scheme or layout that grabs a visitors attention in a way to make them actually want to look through the site, or to make the site or its subject memorable. I don`t mean that you should go overboard with graphics and useless add-ons .... but keep the users attention.Try a different type of layout; this is "left heavy" to me. Take a blank piece of paper and literally make an outline with sections for your content, that looks balanced, even and uncluttered. Make it a template and keep your pages consistent by building them from this template. Use a darker font than the grey: make it stand out. And add textual content; give the user information so that they can learn about and understand and want what you are showing them.Your "News" link isn`t working. Double check the meta link to your css file; it doesn`t appear to be a valid file the way it is written. Create a max/min width for your pages so they don`t widen or narrow too much.
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    awesome thank you for that input. I`m going to make these corrections this weekend, and Upload the site again. Thanks for your advice thus far. 
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