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Where Do I start?

nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
edited May 2007 in Selecting a Business
Okay,I have my game start up underway and I have a clear picture of where that part of the business is going. Creating this type of product takes time though, I want to use my graphic design and web programming knowledge to freelance while working on my games. I`ve done some work for people in the past, and eventually I want to turn this into it`s own seperate divison of my company. I am however a little lost on where to start.I`m going to write a business plan for this business too, but I`m wondering how I should go about getting clients with a small portfolio? Should I just hang my shingle out locally? Should I hit up other small businesses without websites? For all of you freelancers: How did you get your first clients?


  • nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
    I`ve tried to do that to some effect. I don`t have a problem talking to people. I however was a bit timid in trying to sell directly at the networking events. As far as the follow up I`m not sure how to do that. should I get straight to why I`m emailing/calling, or should I try to build a relationship?I`m pretty dead on with the target market I want to service which is the small business owner new to the web. I`m trying to figure out my position with them though. They don`t have much cash to spend and they have so many options available, Templates, and the next door neighbor are all throwing thier web service thier way.I guess my position is that I`m giving them the service a big web shop would do without the big web price...
  • cuttscutts subscriber Posts: 4
    I agree with both of the reply posts given here - network - network - network. However, if you feel like this isnt working for you then pay a company to do this for you. This can be an effective way of targetting certain areas and channels and they can sell up your services. However they all cost money depending on how much you want them to do.
    Good luck
  • john146john146 subscriber Posts: 0
    I`d suggest check out Rent-A-Coder as a starting point. They have jobs in graphics/arts as well as coding opportunities. Jobs of all sizes, from what I can see. YMMV.
  • nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
    I`ve done that before to a little effect nicole? What was your mileage with it? What approach did you take. 
  • JohnDeVriesJohnDeVries subscriber Posts: 1
    If you`re interested in self promotion of freelance work, check out www.copywritersboard.com</A>.  I know you`re not a copywriter but the concepts behind marketing a service are pretty universal.  These guys are the kings of prospecting and finding work.  I think anyone could learn a lot from them.
  • nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
    thanks I`m gonna check that out as well
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