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Identifying Opportunities in Web Development

nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
edited February 2007 in Selecting a Business
Okay so everyone is doing web design, graphic design, and web development(the back endu programming) So my question is what`s left. These three professions each have doznes if not hundreds of different niches that allow even the new comers like me to prosper. So far I`ve come up with web portals. I noticed that lots of Drs offices, hospitals and the like don`t have systems for self registration and other things that may cut down on office clutter. I`m thinking of selling my services as a portal designer. But are there any other niches with web design that have worked for those of you that work in this field?


  • MarkPMarkP subscriber Posts: 0
    I think you have to be more specific about what you want to do.
    Developing a portal and building visitors is a `business` venture.
    Writing code for a portal is dev work.
    Do you want to build a business, or do dev work? They are two different things - either is OK, but don`t confuse the two.MarkP2007-2-14 17:24:40
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Good Advice from Mark.
    For NothingLikeIt:
    Web design is a multi-faceted discipline. As you correctly state, there are numerous companies that "specialize" in web development. Except when you visit their sites, you quickly see that they offer many additional services. Which makes them generalists, not specialists. Offering too many services always leads me to believe that they probably don`t do anything very well. I`ve seen lots of beatifully designed sites with terrible copywriting. Or great copywriting and terrible design. Or sites with poor communication period. Many amateur/small web design shops make the mistake of offering marketing when no one in their organization understands marketing. Or they offer "integrated packages" that include hosting, design, marketing, branding. Rarely can a small company execute this complex mix of services.
    The number of web design companies that provide poorly focused services is a great opportunity for a web development company that can design a great looking site that also communicates really well. While there are many web development shops, the vast majority of them are really weak and provide inferior quality work. If you`re looking for a market opportunity, find three basics like front end, copywriting, and extensibility. Do these better than the majority of the market. Leave the hosting, marketing, and design to someone else.
    The market is actually full of generalists who nonsensically branch out in an attempt to create additional revenue lines and build their customer base. The market is also full of specialists who have a very narrow expertise. Working with a generalist firm is risky. Specialists cost more. A lot of great companies have been built by carefully mixing product attributes. Keep that in mind.
  • nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
    Wow thanks everyone for the information you`ve shared so far. I am starting to get ideas from that alone!
    MarkP: I am interested in starting a business more so than a hobby or a turnkey solution.  By portals I mean a piece of backend web software that allows patients/ and doctors to get information easier. This is just a random thouight of mine, something like this could very well exist, or there may not be a realistic market for it yet. Research will tell.
    Cookie Monster: Thank you for your input as well. I did not think of the quality of the sites produced by templates as an opportunity. I also didn`t think of the generalization as a bad thing. Actually when I first said I want to do websites I thought. "Crap everyone and thier moms are creating them now. I have to offer hosting, graphic design, and web design." But  after reading what you want you make a good point. I ran into a guy at recent networking event. He told me that he designed websites and did advertising for existing sites. I didn`t tell him that I was researching the web development field myself. I decided to check out his site, and what I saw was terrible. Not to dump on his site, but the graphic resolution was lousy, the text broken, the multimedia elements overpowering, and the layout was simply an utter mess. Not to mention his business card was bland an unappealling. (I know that sounded really mean but if you`re out there dude sorry.) My first thought as a potential customer was "Gee that sucks, My second thought was I wouldn`t use this guy if he was free" So I see your point, there are a TON of sites and designers that really can`t create a site that would sell item/service one.
    CraigL: Thanks, dude you are honestly full of Knowledge Kernels . It`s funny that you mention the niche of simply making stuff easier. That was one of my key Unique Sales Positions that I identified early in my business planning. I just don`t know how to turn that intagible, into a tangible that the customer will see as a benefit. I agree, if somebody could put a face to this stuff, the web won`t seem like the anonomys place that it has become. It`s almost like someone has to make a web design company that`s like McDonald`s (Cheap(realatively at least) easy, and consistent) But time will tell.
    nhgkinghole: To answer your question, it`s actually a bit of both. I`m gathering research about what is the best opportunity for my company. I know that there is a difference between web design and development. Most consumers don`t really know that though. So, so far my idea for a company is to create an open line of education about what they`re getting and make my service easy for them to understand and use. It`s almost like a consultancy. Speaking of which I see that you are a consultant, what do you specialize in?
     sorry for the bloglike response but thanks for all your input so far ladies and gents
  • nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
    Oh and to answer your question Mark: I would rather do dev work.
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
     I have looked at your information. You say you want to create medical software for back end database. I have worked with heathcare for many years. In fact I am working on project that will allow doctors and nurses to send data wireless via a handheld back to a database. If you really want to do this 1. You must know about HIPPA that secures patients data over the internet. 2. You might have to up load and share images with the data such as CAT, MRI,Utrasound and other data on a DICOM/PACS server. Another thing that might help you is joining medical groups in your area to see if a doctor or hospital are looking for those services. Your competition will be GE, Seimiens, HP, SAP and a host of others who have datas in place that you will have to inface with. Lastly. go RSNA.com that is the largest medical convention in the US. They have a section on technology, become a member this way you can submit your application for the next expo in Chicago in November. You will need the time. I have done the show twice and had a white published on using handheld devices on medical imaging. I then was asked to prove images could be transmitted via wireless to a handheld. It worked so now when I approach a hospital I bring up the white paper finding. This more than anything will get you cleints in medical. So if you still want to do this let me know maybe I can put you in touch with someone.
  • rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    Hi All,
    I agree with cookie monster and craig l . Also many years ago before the Internet there were good computer programs that did what you are thinking of doing and some also did diagnosis for common and rare medical conditions.
    Nothinglikeit do a google search, I think you will find similar programs exist.
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Well, Craig you have good points about the IT problems in heatlthcare. Some can be solved with technology. The biggest problems is the doctors, very few admits that they nned that type of technology. Funny you can sell a hospital staff on a multi million CAT machine,  but the balk at prices on a wireless way to make the data availble faster via handhelds and or websites. Granted there are old billing and coding databased kike IC9 or other, but many of them can be upgraded and made available online that will conform to HIPPA standards. Getting a doctor to be on time is another matter. Most doctors like the one I am working with now ison  staff at two hospitals so getting him from one to another can be tough, but we are working on system that will help solve that problems. As for making scheduling portals there are five companies that I know of doing just that and the field is open most legacy problems are solved by using DICOM systems that can convert older systems to work with webbased systems. But like I say before to impress a hospital to get these systems you must become part of their system. Doctors are impress with reports and white papers. That how they get most their information. If some wants to sell to a doctor nothing says by me to them then an expert in the field. 
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Well Craig,
    I don`t see your point. As far as I am concern there is a great deal right in the medical profession. If someone want to build something that will make it better then that`s good for all of us. I for one who have worked in medical IT don`t feel is if I am banging my head against the wall. For I have met and working with hosptials that are helping make healthcare better. It`s easy to complain about healthcare. But if you really want better healthcare. Then think of useful real world ways to make it better. So if coming up with a better medical portal is her way of making it better. I am all in favor of helping that long.
  • nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
    Craig  it`s crazy how close your suggestion is to my own original thoughts. When I first had the initial burst of the idea, I had just went to a doctor`s visit. While it was easy just to write down my appointment and they have an automated system to remind you of your appointment via voicemail, I couldn`t help but wonder if there was a better way. That`s why I got the idea to create a scheduling system. That`s what I originally meant by portal. You took it further with your idea for an ERP type system and I find it intriguing. Wirehead does offer some valid points and reveals a key problem. Dr.s are entrenched. The web and software are still scary things. for this idea to work I`d have to figure out a way to make this transition so painless that my products/services are the obvious solution to their needs. For every problem there`s a solution and for every solution there`s a counter problem. I appreciate both, every objections helps me consider a better solution for the product.BTW Wirehead thank you for the offer. That`s an awesome contact you`re offering me. If I`m interested in taking this further, I`ll be sure to issue you a PM.Thanks again everyone
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Well, this is going to be a tough one. Craig I know that doctors and staff can be technophic, but somethings, but if you learn what they can use that make the office run better, takes care of patients and reduces mistakesin healthcare then you are part of the solution. That`s what I do, in healthcare. BTW Nothinglikeit. There are several new business just like yours in healthcare that are wining over doctors and staff everyday. When you get you idea flashed out there are several medical grants available to you.So let me know when you are ready. I will help you get in front of doctors and staff to sell your portal.
  • nothinglikeitnothinglikeit subscriber Posts: 27
    i wish i had more time to actually respond. Im not done I just said that i was considering everything that everyone had to say positve or negative. both sides will help me flesh out this plan should i pursue it.
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    While, it true most doctors are not using the web has they should the medical publications that are now online likeHIPPA RSNA, and JAMA are now making the web a must for any doctor to keep up. That is the driving force being many of the new technologies coming down in healthcare. Yesterday the WSJ had article about Tablet PC that are now being used at many hospitals. The Cleveland Clinc since 2001have been using the web and other tools to make healthcare better. The  key I found was to create a service that is easy to training hospital and staff using existing techology with mininal time lost to patient care. New technologies like voice and auto froms are making that possible. Such services like that combined with  WIFI systems have shown to give hospitals time with patience while sending vitial and secure information of the web and the air. So let`s say you have a scheduling system by creating a form that is webbased could be voice controled that info sent to a doctor and to a nurse station at the same time from there is sent to a patient via email on a secure account. Now all of them are linked no more missed appointments if the doctor is late updates are sent to nurse and patient for resheduling. Is that what you have in mind for your system?
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