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How Can You Organize Yourself?

HandyTechHandyTech subscriber Posts: 1
If we all look at our business and really look hard... I think we can all agree that at one time or another we could have been more organized. I believe organization is one of the most important characteristics a business can have. I seldom here any business course mention this topic. Yet, I can honestly say it has been the single most powerful characteristic that has given me the small successes that I have had with my own venture. Yet, I always am looking for new ways, better ways, improved ways to organize my time and my work. Here are a few thoughts I`d like some input on...

1. I have tasks lists that overwhelm and disturb me and I can never seem to get things done, even though I know in myself that I am accomplishing items on that list. What is a good way to reward myself when I have accomplished something? I know as well as you know that if you don`t reward yourself, you`ll soon become bitter and just a working person, not a living one.

2. I need - a way, an object - SOMETHING that will get my mind triggered to accomplish something, for example a PDA. What are ways you have used to get your butt to do something, to remind you to get something done? What do you do when you keep putting a task off? How do you force yourself to get it done?

3. How to centralize (bring together) your business? How do you create a dashboard, where you can go to every single day and say "ok, here`s my goals for today." Do you have a support system? Who do you get to help you be motivated?

And therein are my questions, the big ones that have been burning inside of me for quite some time. Anyone have some answers?


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    DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Hello, Handy!
    My `day` job consists of me helping ot make companies more organized and more efficient. Maybe I can help you here...
    I use reverse psychology when it comes to rewarding myself for getting talks done. Instead of saying "Ok list...I don`t want to look at you, but if I get #2 done then I`ll eat some pizza"...I instead catch myself goofing off and I"ll say `Hey, self. If I have enough time to do THIS, I certainly have enough time to do #3 on my list! How about this...get #3 done, and THEN come back here and read more on Wikipedia.com!"
    I`ve read enough self-help and business-oriented books to know that if I am not spending my time trying to make money, I only have myself to blame if the business fails. Finding a happy medium between getting hard (or mundane) tasks done and having fun doing it is the key. Right now, the self-inflicted guilt is working. We`ll see for how long...! I don`t travel much, so I can rely on software to organize my tasks and priorties. Sure, I don`t know that most of us are seearching for the Next Great Idea...but I still use `Act` to remind me when a call or e-mail has to be made, when a meeting has t be scheduled, and when a task has to be completed. PDA`s and other hand-held technology are nice...but I don`t need it, and don`t want to spend on the Next Cool Idea when I can be equally effective using circa 2000 technology!As far as centralizing my business...? Again, I`m cheap. I still use To Do lists, and I LOVe the feelings of LITERATELY crossing things off of that list. When I need motivation I either visit a chat board, read about my favorite entrepeneur or maybe watch a business-related show/movie.
    Again, this is REALLY old news...but listening to tapes/CDs in the car that are self-help or business-related keeps me motivated. Whenever I`m ready to completely blow things off, I go back to reminding myself that America`s Richest don`t spend their time playing video games when there is work to be done. LOL!
    My company sells products that make a person and office more organized and more efficient...so the physical act of being `organized` is never a problem for me. If I can reccomend something that will solve a specific problem, let me know!
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    HandyTechHandyTech subscriber Posts: 1
    Well I feel better already, just from reading your post. I have already discovered some of these tings for myself... like how actually taking that pen and wiping a nice dark line acrossed a task is so satisfying! So, I feel good that I`m not an idot and that I can figure it out... however, I do travel a lot - and you see when you go from place to place you need a "hey! - shove", this needs to get done, if you know what I mean. I agree with you on being cheap with things to get things done. Example. I have a "Work Timer" it`s so primitive (program) that all it does is clock time for a task you type in, then exports to a report. That`s it. Nothing fancy, but IT GETS THE JOB DONE. and that`s what I`m all about. I don`t care about all the new stuff coming out. I just want to find solutions, not gizmos. However, I`m wondering if a PDA wouldn`t just solve some of my problems. Let me explain one problem I have... and maybe we can start from here...

    I get a call for a new client... (keep in mind I have a visual impairment problem)... So, I get my laptop out, and try get all of their information. Sounds ok... but here`s what happens. I get their info... then I put that into a database. I like the database so I use that as a starting point. Then I input their email into my gmail... then i put their number into my phone. That`s already THREE locations. Then I give them service and then they are in my Financial Software - quicken... you see how redundant everything is? It gets on my nerves because I want to make everything in one place. Maybe I should consider getting one of those PDA things that have a phone. I dunno, but in any event my life becomes very annoying then. So, What would you say would be a good solution for making at least most of my information available in one place? ... I felt guilty when you mentioned video games, lol... it`s my method of "relaxation" haha. Anyhow, hopefully you`ll understand my struggle here. I have a bad habit of being vauge sometimes.
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    postcarderpostcarder subscriber Posts: 1
    I`d recommend reading the book Getting Things Done. It worked wonders for me.
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    YolandaYolanda subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree postcarder, that is a good book. However, I only got part way through it! I`m so bogged down trying to get things done, find new clients and get organized that I`ve even procrastinated on finishing reading this book! How ironic Any other advice for motivation and energy that dips up and down?
    YolandaYolanda2006-12-7 21:45:8
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    SwaroopSwaroop subscriber Posts: 0
    Not saying that I do this just because I`m advocating this... but here goesI read Scott Peck`s "A Road less traveled". He`s a psychologist and said that "Delaying gratification" is a good way to get things done. i.e. You can either finish off that first hour of work in checking personal mails/forwards/Googling etc and then feel like the rest of the day is drudgery to get by.. OR you promise yourself that if you completed your day without wasting time, you`d get a whole hour to do your favorite stuff. Kind of like keeping the best for last so you can go home with a happy face.. this is kinda similar to DefMall`s post, but this one keeps you working well, in anticipation of the `good times` coming soon. Somewhat like getting through all the eggplant and lettuce in your plate first, so you can save the fried chicken for last.
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