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Seeking Nominations for Innovation Michigan 2006

NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
There is an opportunity for entreprenuers in Michigan! To quote, with permission, the advertisement of the Business Review:
Are you innovative?  Has your company looked beyond the tried-and-true ways of doing business with new products, processes, or business strategies?
The Business Review and their sponsors are looking for those companies, both old and new, that have surpassed the barriers of Michigan`s industrial culture by reinventing their process or applying their expertise to new products and technologies.
Be Inspired!  Now accepting nominations until July 12th:
Sponsors of Innovation Michigan include but may not be limited to: Business Review Oakland; Business Review Washtenaw; Clayton & McKervey PC; AT&T; Stout Risius Ross; TEC Chief Executives Working Together; Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce; Automation Alley; Detroit Regional Chamber; University of Michigan-Dearborn School of Management.


  • davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    Dear Nicole,
    Very interesting, can you tell me why AT&T got nominated and if you know what they considered to be "new".  If this was 25 maybe 30 years ago and I nominated Wal-Mart for just in time inventory systems most people would have had no idea what I was talking about.
    Any thoughts?
    I love this idea and has somebody nominated you.  Have you created new processes or are you applying new technologies to the real estate field?
    I look for to your response.  Feel free to send me an e-mail.
  • NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    I would be happy to answer your questions.  This is the first time that Innovation Michigan has been offered.  The call for nominations is extremely broad, as it can be anything from reinventing a product, process or business strategy to creating a new innovative product, process or business strategy. 
    The Business Review used owner Tom Monaghan as an example.  Mr. Monaghan opened Domino`s pizza in a tiny storefront on Cross Street in the City of Ypsilanti.  His pizzaria took an innovative risk when it offered free pizza to any customer who didn`t get their order within 30 minutes.  The end result was his pizzaria is now an international corporation with 8,000 stores, more then 145,000 employees and operations in more then 55 countries.
    The goal behind the call for nominations is to find innovation which is occuring in Michigan.  To quote the Business Review editorial page: "we`re looking for the individuals and companies that will lead our state out of its auto-reliant past and into a brighter future.  Of course, innovation can often mean developing tangible new products that allows us to compete in a rapidly changing global environment.  But it can also mean exploring new ideas...and even a different way of looking at and aligning the human resources within a business environment.  It can be a new breakthrough in educating students, a new way of thinking, of communicating or perceiving an environment.  It`s a challenge finding those individuals and companies willing to tiptoe on the cutting edge.  That`s why we`re relying on you.  If you know of a company that is pushing beyond the tried-and-true methods of doing business by developing new products, processes or business strategies, now is the time to step forward and add their name to our list"
    Personally, I think the Business Review and sponsors like AT&T deserve kudo`s for this innovative call for nominations.  Their efforts will undoubtly unveil innovative individuals and businesses in Michigan.  Best of all it will generate story leads for the Business Review`s weekly publication so people like me can read about them!  
    The call for nominations deadline is July 12th and applications can be submitted to: www.mlive.com/innovation</A>   Then in October there will be a recognition ceremony! 
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