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Public Relations: Perception

NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
edited September 2006 in Public Relations
Today I read an article published in the Ann Arbor News under the title of "Home Prices Drop for 1st Time since `95".  It provided some comparisons between August 2005 and August 2006, in essence it indirectly pointed out it is a buyers market in Michigan.  The buyers market being indictive of decreased sales and an over supply of inventory.  The article also had merit in it`s comments on how the housing industry is an economic indicator and has impact on jobs in construction, raw materials, and even retail clerks.  
Despite the negative data, the reality is NOW is an excellent time to purchase.  Given the volume of homes available a buyer can often purchase more house and be able to negotiate a lower price then they could have a year ago.  
Therefore my question is, from a public relations stand point what would you recommend doing to accentuate the postive side  of a buyers market?   
After all, isn`t consumer confidence based on perception? Therefore providing an explanation as to why consumer purchases don`t align with consumer confidence ratings.   RealtorNicole2006-9-27 14:43:2


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    NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    Thank you for the feedback and the link on fear marketing.  Many fears do stem from how circumstances real or unreal are perceived.  Therefore I am looking forward to reading it thoroughly.  
    Bottomline, I see an opportunity.  I know the media has reported reliable, concrete facts.  Yet I am of the belief that rather then accepting any negative message that these temporal circumstances present an opportunity.  What I am unsure of is what is the best approach to changing the perception of the message; to redirect the negative to an optimistic message and then deliver it to potential clients?  
     RealtorNicole2006-9-27 18:39:39
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    NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    Craig, thanks for the reminder on the American Dream! 
    Yes, I agree there use to be a cultural belief that owning a peice of property was the ultimate security.  It was part of a patriotic message of the American Dream: complete with apple pie, and the white picket fence and house.  It was that message or theme which changed perception. That same message inspired the actions of others, stimulated our economy and gave people a sence of accomplishment.  It was a realistic goal which people could envision themselves reaching.  Therefore it`s message became engrained in our culture. 
    Yet today the majority of messages lean toward fear, uncertainty and ambiguity.  Thus giving the impression that the American Dream of homeownership isn`t available for everyone.  Ironically a person`s thoughts direct their actions.  For example when people perceive the economy as being negative they spend frugally and when they perceive homeownership to be beyong their means they rent.  It is a basic scenario of cause and effect.   
    Your comments now have me curious as to how the patroitic message of the American Dream evolved and was launched.  It has also given me a wealth of ideas to consider.  Thanks!  
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