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Podcasting Topic Survey

NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
edited September 2006 in Public Relations
I am planning to create some podcasts on Michigan real estate issues.  Since podcasts are about connecting and providing information to the listener, as the end user your opinion is the one that matters.  Therefore I have a question to ask you:
What Michigan real estate issue(s) would you be interested in knowing more about?


  • digitalvision313digitalvision313 subscriber Posts: 3
    Here in the Detroit area, how inner ring suburbs` home values are doing and how sprawl affects values and the communities that people are moving to.  You probably could get a few episodes out of that.That, and the market downtown.  Crains` did a great piece called "Livng and Working in the D" a little while ago.
  • OhhBoyOhhBoy subscriber Posts: 5
    Just speaking in general, here are a couple of issues that I think would interest me:
    Real Estate Investing 101
    Benefits of a second home
    1031 Tax Free Changes (Starker or Reverse Starker)
    Rental Properties (How does to identify how cash flow`s work on rentals)
    Benefits of investing in land vs real property
    Hot Areas - report on new building reports
    School district reports - If the state reports proficiency scores, put a pod cast together for it.
    Recent sales in local neighborhoods
    Hot Properties that are for sale
    Hot Investment properties for sale  - could list the property (location without street adress, repair needs, comps, etc)
    List of foreclosures
    Real Estate investing is still hot..
  • NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    DigitalVision313 & OhhBoy,
    Thank you!!!!  Your feedback is exactly what I am looking for. 
    I would rather build the content around interest then to provide what I think (and hope) others might want.
  • digitalvision313digitalvision313 subscriber Posts: 3
    That`s the way to do it and I think you`re on the right track, as someone who part of their living is producing podcasts (usually more of the event kind for corporate clients, however).I know quite a few people who would be interested in all the topics above - real estate touches so many, and even if your podcast just becomes a resource to the in-market crowd, then great.  When you launch, announce it and I`ll forward on the information to everyone I know whos` interested in this type of thing.I`m a big fan of Jeffrey` Gitomers practices about creating value before the sale - and what you`re doing is a great way to reinforce your brand and set yourself apart from your competition by creating value and being a resource.
  • NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    My best friend coordinates special events for development officers who recruit or celebrate "asks" with/from major donors.  I will send her the link to your website. (Both her and I have a three ring binder of business cards related to various services!  Honestly it is not a competition between us but rather a like minded interest!)
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