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Viral Marketing Use of Technology: I Got A Crush On Obama

NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
edited June 2007 in Marketing
Have you seen the YouTube video on "I Got A Crush On Obama"? If not it is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKsoXHYICqU</A></A>
It is interesting how technologies are impacting the political arena and how the Obamagirl`s entreprenuerial video`s viral market is just the tip of the ice berg.  Just think for a second, before this video garnered media attention on June 13th the Obamagirl`s Myspace account, the www.barelypolitical.com</A> and the mercandise were already in place. Although this video tune which is published on YouTube is evoking controversy it is also breaking ground for a change on the political campaign trails.   After all it is creating an entreprenuerial opportunity despite the fact some of the bloggers are attacking the video for it`s disrepect of women, and disrepect to Obama`s wife, etc.  What is not being mentioned on those blogs is this video tune has created controversy due to its sensual viseral appeal but it has people talking. In other words, people are going to talk about this and when they do Obama`s name will be mentioned.  It is establishing name identification in a way that billboards, radio advertisements and television commericals wouldn`t provide a political candidate.   
Only time will reveal if it has a similiar influence on voters to that of a negative campaign. Granted most people destest negative campaigns but research shows they are effective as their messages are remembered.  Therefore this video`s use of technology might have a similiar impact in establishing an association between Obama and the lyric`s message of "I Got A Crush on Obama" as "he is the best candidate." 
Although the example above pertains to a political video tune, the method they used could be applied to other entreprenuerial businesses too. What are your thoughts on the use of technology in viral marketing to promote a message associated with a service or product?NicoleC2007-6-15 2:42:38


  • NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    I agree with you.  I would hate for the public vote to be based on an image campaign and not on a candidates issue platform, proven record, and leadership abilities.
    Yet what I can`t deny is how this racy video tune is changing the horizions of the "business" side of political campaigns.  The average person doesn`t ever look closely at how a candidate spends their campaign dollars in media purchases for print, radio and television advertisements.  Yet for less then what a high profile highway billboard would cost a candidate, a small group of people were able to create a grassroot, racy video tune for around $2,000. They will recoup that investment with the t-shirt merchandising and they have the added benefit of the launch of both the models and the singer`s careers with the use of free publicity.  What they have done has broken ground with the use of viral marketing.  If they could do it with a YouTube video then other small businesses can too.
     NicoleC2007-6-15 10:6:15
  • bertbert subscriber Posts: 12
    The marketing side of me says "Know the market you are going after and do what works."  The social side of me says this is very sad and I feel our government is out of control.  It even scares me worse to think what Hillary will come up with!
  • NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    Well, the video is definately controversial but from a viral marketing stand point it is successfully receiving coverage and spreading over the internet like a wild fire.  Regardless of the pros/cons, we are witnessing an emerging forum venue where average people have the ability to insert their opinions and their creativity into the political arena.  On the one hand, it opens the doorway for broader inclusion and encourages citizen participation within a democratic process. On the other hand, it also opens a flood gate of problems for political candidates to control their campaign message and/or the risk of having their message overshadowed by unendorsed controversial web blog postings and/or videos created by unsolicited fans/opponents. 
    Just as when radio and television were introduced into the business side of politics, we are witnessing the business side of politics change due to the use of technology.NicoleC2007-6-15 11:44:11
  • bertbert subscriber Posts: 12
    From what I have read about viral marketing, I am not sure if it is truly viral considering the fact that there are so many paid sneezers involved.  It is more like a heavily paid for and planned infestation.
  • NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    John: Your comments about the image campaigns of peanut farmer v. actor reminded me of another historic moment in politics.  I believe it was 1968 when the Youth International Party nominated a pig for President at a National Convention.  Their act was a political statement but it too was a controversial image based campaign which in a much smaller scale also produced a viral ripple. Bottom line, canidates, political parties, ideology and issues aside there are business opportunities for entreprenuers to provide services in the political arena. 
    Cartess: I didn`t know it was found on Craigslist.  Do you know how long it was posted on Craigslist before the viral marketing soared?  Have you seen how many "hits" it has had on YouTube?  One of the Myspace posts made a comment about the Obama Girl`s "friends" growing from 30 to hundreds.  Looking at the date of that post it appears the rapid response occured on the first day national news picked it up. 
     NicoleC2007-6-16 15:4:26
  • NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    Thanks for the clarification!  For anyone who is interested in creating a "DIY" video Microsoft Windows Movie Maker is easy to use.  Plus their tutorials make using it even easier.
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