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Should trademark be owned by me or my LLC?

eLLe_M_N_O_PeLLe_M_N_O_P subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2012 in Protecting Your Ideas
I just registered my LLC. I am the sole owner/officer of the company. I am now trying to register my LLC name as a trademark, both on legal zoom. They are asking me "what type of entity owns the trademark?" Amongst their options, the ones applicable to me are: "One person" or "a LLC". I just called legal zoom to try and clarify what would be the differences down the line and they werent much help. I would like to know what would be the benefits or conditions of each. For example, if i die and the trademark was registered directly to my person instead of the LLC, what would happen to the trademark? If its registered directly to the LLC and I at some point am no longer a part of the company, do I have no rights to using the slogan/company name? do I have no rights to bringing legal action against others that may be using it? So many questions, please help!
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