Calling all fitness professionals

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I`m a software developer who would like to "poll" all the fitness professionals in the startupnation community as to what software you currently use to manage your business and what features you would want out of such software.  For example my brother owns his own personal training studio and has expressed frustration over managing employee/client scheduling.  As a value add to his clients he wants his clients to be able to manage their appointments online as well as allow his employees a central location to manage their schedules.  This would allow him to at any point see a "dashboard" of various metrics for example:  who is working the most billable hours...  Basically I`m looking for what types of issues are the biggest "pain points" toward getting through your day.  I picked personal training as an example because I`m most familiar with that but I`m interested to hear from fitness professionals in other categories.  Thanks in advance.
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