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What do you think of this for a business name?

mia310mia310 subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2009 in Grab Bag
As some of you already know, I am planning to start a food cart business selling Japanese pancakes.   And one of the names  I`ve come up with is...
   "Monk`s Pan"
I think it arouses curiosity and hopefully get the customers to come. Also, I think it`s memorable.  However,  I`m also thinking that it might have negative connotations or potential customers might interpret something negative.
Anyway, please critique.    Your input and suggestions are appreciated.


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    Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    I`d prefer Mia`s Pancakes
    Double entendre.
    Sexy also.
    Mia xxx means "my xxx" in Italian, if I`m not mistaken.
    Mia`s Pancakes is certainly better than Mary`s Pizza Shack, a huge successful eatery.
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    4Founders4Founders subscriber Posts: 0
    It seems that "Monk" could refer to an Asian, Buddhist-style monk.  However, I concur with the others that its an ambiguous Japanese reference at best.  "Monk" also evokes thoughts of fasting - definitely not something to associate with a food cart
    You don`t just want a catchy name - you want a name that will attract qualified interest.  If I spotted a food cart down the street with the name "Joe`s Cheesesteaks", I`d walk over if I was in the mood for beef and provolone.  Upon arriving, if in fact the cart served only cold cut sandwiches, I`d be pretty disappointed.  Its in your best interest to find a name that more closely reflects Japanese cuisine so you bring in customers who actually want Japanese pancakes.
    How about "The Bento Box"?  Its short, catchy and definitely Japanese.  Plus "Box" helps reinforce that your business is a food cart
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    mia310mia310 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for all the feedback.  I apologize for not explaining why I came up with the name.
    The pan that the pancake is cooked in is called "monk`s pan."    They won`t be authentic Japanese pancakes, but the foundation is from the original.
    I`d prefer Mia`s Pancakes

    Thanks for the suggestion, Innovator.  But I`d prefer not to use my name.
    "Bento box" usually implies savory meals inside the box, doesn`t it?
    Anyway, pls. keep `em coming.
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    StevenSStevenS subscriber Posts: 1
    I would suggest you look at how the large franchises choose their business names; i.e. Waffle House, Subway, Outback Steakhouse, Burger King, International House of Pancakes, etc. in most cases they all have something about what they do in their name.
    The reason why they do this is because it`s easy to identify what they are selling. If I person doesn`t know the restaurant (if its not a big name like Denny`s, McDonald`s, Carl`s Jr.) and if the person doesn`t know what they are selling, then they probably won`t go to that restaurant.
    By having something about what you`re selling in your business name helps people to at least identify what you`re doing and then they can decide if they want to give your restaurant a try. But if the name is ambiguous and they haven`t been to your place before it will be harder to get them in the door.
    But this is just my opinion.
    Hope it helps.stevens4/29/2009 5:57 PM
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    irene01irene01 subscriber Posts: 1
    I feel somewhat Monk refers to Buddhists. I think you can go for Mai`s Pancake.
    ___________Budget planner
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    grokillagrokilla subscriber Posts: 1
    Or. You might just use the actual japanese word.
    Okonomi Cakes. A more generalized name meaning, roughly I think, "what you want" cakes.
    Using this name would also give you a natural marketing thread you could weave by offering walk-up customers a mini-lesson on the whole okonomi or japanese pancake idea with a short looping video and/or using poster boards.
    Try to keep it simple though or the details of it all might have the affect of bogging you down and slowing up your opening! Just grow with it.
    By the way, I will have to try these. They sure look good!
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    askpreetiaskpreeti subscriber Posts: 0
    why not take name suggestion from name suggestion company they provide you catchy and meaningful name for your japanese pan cake.
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    AshleyWhiteAshleyWhite subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    How about:
    Asian Pancake House
    Japanese House Pancakes
    Cherry Blossoms Pancake
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    alvaro777alvaro777 subscriber Posts: 1
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