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How Effective is a Federal Suppliers List in Marketing?



  • awakeinnewyorkawakeinnewyork subscriber Posts: 0
    I had used fedbiz for a couple of years before I knew about the federal suppliers guide.  I don`t worry about having to keep checking emails and web sites bidding against cut throat companies, I just sit back and answer the phones and collect the money!!  It`s simple and for what they charge it`s peanuts compared to all the advertising and yellow page listings I used to pay for!
  • MKTSESMKTSES subscriber Posts: 0
    I used the FSG to help me establish a GSA (government service agreement) contract and it has been a rocky road. My account manager has changed 3 times because of employee turnover. My original submission of all the GSA paperwork was lost by FSG. I had to send my copy! I was told to submit something to them, and then had to re-do it because they had given me improper instructions. About 2 months ago they submitted all the paperwork to GSA. I got a call from GSA yesterday saying that there were still 8 unresolved issues within the submitted documents. In the end, I should have done it myself. I paid them $2,500 to do this for me, and have ended up doing most of it myself.
    As far as the actual guide, the real question is how many government purchasers use the federal suppliers guide? I`m in the electrical supply industry, and all of our government sales come from Google. This may not be so for your industry, but its 2008 and internet marketing may be a better investment than print marketing.
  • ae1jesae1jes subscriber Posts: 0
    I paid Federal Suppliers Guide $4500 for assistance in establishing a GSA contract. The process has been just awful!  My account manager fails to explain anything and the communication is never clear. It has been 5 months of random paperwork and now because the wrong "schedule" was chosen we need to select a new one. ( It took me a month or two to understand what a "schedule" was because no one explained it correctly and now I am being told that I was responsible for making sure it was the correct one!) I have called several times to speak to supervisors to express my frustration and each time I am met with excuses and defensiveness.
    I also paid $1200 for ad in the guides and was very disappointed. The ads are basically listed  one after onother on a CD.
    My money would have been better spent elsewhere. I feel as if I was dupped!
  • awakeinnewyorkawakeinnewyork subscriber Posts: 0
    Dupped?????? Wow I haven`t heard that word in a decade or two.  They did my gsa in December, my account manager was great.  I looked into other companies and federal Suppliers was a fraction of what I was quoted.  I am very satisfied with their services, I invested quite a bit of money and the return has been well worth it. Get a grip people, it takes money to make money. Sometimes the risk is worth it!   
  • amigo108amigo108 subscriber Posts: 0
    Does anyone here doubt that Needhertosaveme is an employee of this company.  Answer me this:
    Why would they need to limit the number of companies that advertise with them?
    Why will they not let you see the guide until you buy?
    Why are their testimonials missing any identifying info of the person giving the testimonial?
    Why do they not tell you how Govt. procurement agents are supposed to find out about the guide and any one you talk to has never heard of it.
    Why would a govt. agent  want to use a guide that has so few listings
    Why do they not care about qualifying your company in any way?  any agent who did want to use it my quickly find the info is limited and is partially garbage.
  • lenny45611lenny45611 subscriber Posts: 0
    I don`t think it works to a jewelry vendor, cause there is no need for a government to purchase jewelry.
  • realityfinder1realityfinder1 subscriber Posts: 0
    I was contacted by Federal Suppliers to purchase a ad in the Guide and to get a GSA contract in September of 2007. When The Rep was on the phone with me they was very helpful But when I spoke to the So called "Professionals of the program"  The Professional seemed to contradict herself at times and gave me information she couldn`t even show me. SHE SOUNDED LIKE A SCAM ARTIST, LIKE SHE WAS IN A  RUSH TO GET MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER.. I ASKED FOR A REFERANCE AND they couldnt provide one.  Any Legitament company Can and Will without and Hassel Give Real contacts of former clients. I was smart enough to check this Company out and check with the BBB, I found ALL their complaints and Unhappy customers.  I Choose Not to go with this Company. YOU SHOULD CHECK THE BBB ALSO!!
    realityfinder17/12/2008 3:39 PM
  • businessavvyladybusinessavvylady subscriber Posts: 0
    I wasn`t  gonna add my 2 cents but here goes.  Yes hero, you sound like you do work for this company.   I unfortunately did buy an ad in 2006 and received not one phone call, then I was re-telemarketed in  2007 and was told that they had new owners and everything changed.  I was lied too!!  I spoke with a representative named  Dina Trone.  I will never forget her name because I joked with her about us being related, since Trone is my mothers maiden name.  This woman assured me that this program was the best for my business and I would be the only company of my kind in the book, in my region which included 2 states mind you.  After spending  ANOTHER $1000.00  and a year later, still not one phone call from the government.  I called customer service after 6 months and demanded a copy of the book, well to my surprise I was not the only cleaning company in the book instead there were 7 of us and my color ad that I paid $100 for, somehow turned black and white.  Also all the government contacts were no longer valid.  BEWARE OF DINA TRONE AND FEDERAL SUPPLIERS!!!  
    businessavvylady7/12/2008 3:44 PM
  • doubled3108doubled3108 subscriber Posts: 0
    I had subscribed to the Federal Suppliers Guide back in January 07, I too was told that they had been requested by the government for a need for a new category of electronic component testing. No one was in this category, it would be new one with just me to start. I was told that I would be getting calls from the government agencies that were in need of my business, I did pay the $600.00 and found it strange that just after two weeks I received another call about adding my company into the guide. I told the lady I was already in the guide, she apologized and I thought okay. Then two weeks later I got another call to go into the guide, I told the lady what had happened and then she looked up my company and stated that I was in the guide. I then questioned that lady that I hadn`t received any calls, she said that it takes some time for the whole process to work, wait a minute I thought the need was there before I was called originally. I did wait for about 6 months, called them back and then another person told me that I was suppose to contact the individuals not that they would call me. I would put this right up with all the stock brokers that can make me a million. Thanks for nothing.
    doubled31087/12/2008 8:30 PM
  • michelleFmichelleF subscriber Posts: 0
    This creates a huge problem. 
    When a reputable company does come along, it has a tough time getting the respect it deserves.
  • hilianahiliana subscriber Posts: 0
    yes the federal suppliers guide is one big SCAM!!!PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO OVER PHONE,you will never see the advertisement promised in the pretend guide they promise..they are located at 477 commerce blvd oldsmar florida 34677 and their ww www.countrysidepublishing.com and their phone number is 866 265 4058 and their alternate number is 813 789 3879 and their fax is 813 343 7040..all they do is copy the pages of phone books, hire telemarketers to call and harrass small business owners til they say yes.no one ever takes businesses off list.there is NO DO NOT CALL settings.employees are instructed to call them and call them in a week..yes it is a shame this comapny is still open and yes they had horrible better business bureau remarks on the bbb.com website but as long as a dumb business owner keeps giving money to these people the longer they stay in business.
  • Im an employee at fsg . And I can personally tell u that fsg works . If u are pursuing govt contracts or G.S.A. Scheduling,feel free to contact me at ur earliest convienance 864-297-0786..I will supply the proper info and references.......Thanks,STEVEN RIDENOUR 
                                                                                                  Procurement Specialist
                                                                                                 Federal Suppliers Guide
  • fsggsadivfsggsadiv subscriber Posts: 0
    good morning,
    my name is john warren and i`ve been employed with fsg for 10 yrs as of dec 22 2008.
    i work in the procurement division at fsg and have hundreds of clients that are doing business with the federal government due to our assistance. i`ve had 53 clients receive their GSA  contract from the federal government in 08 and our first award of 09 on jan 5th. advertising alone with limited competition does not guarantee business however we provide free customer service on the back end that with a commitment from a client does close contracts with the federal government. i run the south carolina location and invite anyone interested to visit at our location here or at corporate in florida and see what we are accomplishing for small businesses.
    i will not allow employees to be on these sites so please contact me if you are serious about learning the truth of what our mission support is. my number is 864 297 0786/0787fax
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