Protecting a start-up idea

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Based on your entrepreneurial experience, what should someone do to keep and grow a startup business that is attracting attention from well funded competitors?
Let`s say you`re starting a business and you don`t have the capital to fight with multi-millions company. How should I prepare myself before going live with the idea?
NTMnashu8/24/2008 3:28 PM


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    Hi CraigL,
    The process (or the method, I am not sure what`s the difference yet ) and the software (the real implementation of the process)I have in mind, is not used by anyone else on the market.
    Between the moment of applying for a patent and copy cats showing show up, I estimate 6 months advantage(time) against any of them.
    regarding the uniqueness, I think that because of the novelty and his capacity of driving business from competitors it will be even considered unethical by many.
    Nashunashu8/25/2008 12:52 PM
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