karma organic non-toxic nail polish.

nausilnausil subscriber Posts: 1
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hi, everyone we just introduce a non-toxic nail polish . I like to know how would i promote my product.www.karmaorganicspa.com
nausil9/28/2008 12:11 PM


  • GaiaListGaiaList subscriber Posts: 2
    Non-toxic nail polish?!  I`ve never heard of such a thing.  I would be very curious to know what your ingredients are.  I am working on a website for people to find eco businesses/products and I have a long list of categories, sub categories and strict criteria for posting a product or service under those categories.  In Beauty products, I had ruled out nail polish completely based on some research I`ve done.  Perhaps you can change my mind?
  • irene01irene01 subscriber Posts: 1
    Non toxic nail polish?never heard about this!! but im not finding any link, so how can i come to know about your product?
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