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OK guys, it’s my turn in the hot seat...Bring it ON!

texashomestagertexashomestager subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in Website Critique
With our site about 99.9% complete (at least for now)...I would really value your input and suggestions.  Be honest, brutal, I can take it.  I LOVE you all...don`t hold back.


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Personally, I like almost everything about it visually. The only thing I had a problem with was the black and blue text on the blue background, which doesn`t stand out enough. Even the light text could stand to be just a bit stronger, but all in all I think it`s a great look.The music I could do without, but at least it doesn`t distract me from what I`m looking at. You should also fill in your meta tags.
  • texashomestagertexashomestager subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Webline...I will try some different font colors to see what will work best on the background.  Do you think it should all be the same color, just different sizes for headings and emphasis?
    I knew the music would be an issue...I want to know everyone`s opinion of that in particular because the decision for it to stay or go is going to be based on the concensus of my SuN colleagues.  That`s the agreement my partners and I have, you all will decide! (Obviously there are mixed opinions in our camp)
    Derrrrr....I assume my web designer (hubby) will know about meta tags...because I am uneducated on the subject.  I understand their importance and the overall concept, but have no idea where or how to fill them in.
    Thanks for your feedback!!!
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I can`t say I have a preference of color for the text, however I think a lighter color is a must.In your page code, near the top, are your meta tags title / Entrances Home Staging / titlemeta name="Keywords" content="place your keywords here" meta name="Description" content="place a description for your webpage here"
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Having the music play automatically is a "no no".   It is better to allow the viewer to choose to play it or not.
    It might be a little easier to read if the text was either a little larger or a shade lighter white.
    Watch your image file sizes. The image on whole house org is too large (almost 200K).
    When titling each web page it is better to have the unique part of the title first and if you need to have your name "Entrances Home Staging" after. So the title for your room makover page would be: "Room Makeover servies - Entrances Home Staging"  Personally, I would leave the Entrances Home Staging off the title.
    Your title for the move-in services page needs to be corrected.
    The alt image tag for your logo image (left part of the header image) needs to be changed (some pages have no alt tag and some say "Themed image2". Also, the alt image tag for each of the small house bullets says "bullet".. those should be changed.
    I`m not a big fan of scrolling messages like you have on the home page. (1) the viewer has to wait to see/read it. (2) it has a link to another site?
    The "contact us" icon goes to a different email address than what you have on your contact page.
    I`m not sure your customers or potential customer care if the site passes markup validation. So, I suggest deleting it on each page (plus it does not pass).
     vwebworld2007-8-14 15:57:36
  • texashomestagertexashomestager subscriber Posts: 2
    Wow Roland, excellent points. 
    "When titling each web page it is better to have the unique part of the title first and if you need to have your name "Entrances Home Staging" after."
    Are you referring to the definition of Entrance?  So what you are saying is that the page title should be put in place of the definition on each page?  That makes sense.
    I didn`t even know what that markup validation icon was for...guess I should click on everything, eh?  Also didn`t even think about the alt image tag.  What ignorance on my part!!  This is why I rely on feedback!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 
  • texashomestagertexashomestager subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi this is hubby of texashomestager.  I thought about the meta tags but everything I`ve read says that most of the big search engines don`t use them anymore?  What would be the value in adding them?  That`s the only comment I`ve really looked at so far but I`ll be taking a look at the other suggestions for sure.  Especially those that relate to page loading and the look and feel of the site.  Thanks!
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Some engines may not rely on meta keywords and descriptions too much, but personally I`ve always used them, and feel there is a benefit by having them. Maybe its just habit, but I think that any info you can provide a search engine that is crawling your site is going to be beneficial.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Meta keywords... not used much, but meta description is used by Google.
    The music is good BUT you should always, always give the viewer the option to play it.
    If the link to Debra Gould is important I suggest just putting the text with a link there in place of the scrolling. You`re referencing her site (nice for her) is she giving you a backlink? Remember backlink help you... outgoing links do not.
    I`m not from Canada nor do I know anything about her... so you`d have to determine if showing her name is of value for you to hook potential clients.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Just a follow up on the alt image tags.
    Alt image tags do get searched by bots, so use your keywords or words that are relevant to the web page or image AND you want to have an alt image tag for every image in your site.
    The alt image for your logo (top left) is now "EntrancesLogo". I`m sure "EntrancesLogo" is not one of your targeted keywords.   Maybe use "Entrances Home Staging" or even just "home staging"... change it for each web page to match your targeted keywords for that web page.
    Oh my... just checked out your privacy page. The red text on blue... very hard on the eyes!
    FAQ: Is a little confusing (to me). The second FAQ says the cost is $350.
     vwebworld2007-8-15 3:48:48
  • texashomestagertexashomestager subscriber Posts: 2
    Excellent points.  Craig, we just put the notice on the main page about the trade show since that was one of the tips I got from my trade show advice thread. Do you think the main page is still too busy without that?  The MSNBC logo is the header to an article about home staging, the title is just below it.  But...I suppose if it needs explaining, it should probably be changed, eh?
    Roland, I think since the logo appears on each page, it carries the same alt image tag with it from page to page.  I think we`ll change it as you suggested, to plain old Home Staging.  It`s funny you should mention the FAQs...it is almost verbatim a conversation I had with my partner when we were coming up with possible FAQ`s.  At the time, we understood it...must have been the zinfandel!
    We`ll work on those suggestions. Thanks again!! 
  • texashomestagertexashomestager subscriber Posts: 2
    AH, I see what you`re saying Craig.  Redundant. The graphic is a link to the show website, so perhaps we`ll keep that and just simply say "see us in booth 801" or something to that effect, short and simple.
    Then once the show is over, we can have a page of pictures from the show posted on the site. 
    Ideas are like snowballs, don`t you think???
    Thanks again Craig!
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