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    Yes Craig, I agree with you.  Since it was my first publisher project, I first thought it was incredible.  The more I look at it, I think the shapes don`t work, and I need to use more dynamic photos for the examples, the text layout is bad, basically everything you pointed out. My only issue with taking it to a graphics designer is $$.  I don`t have much left, and I am trying to prioritize where to spend it until I start bringing in some revenue.  So I will have to try to refine what I`ve got for the time being... 
    I`d rather invest in the presentation you described!
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    Hi Steve....I`m glad you posted, I looked at your artwork earlier today on your site and it is fabulous!  You are truly gifted!
    Yeah, I don`t even like the brochure now.  I`ll probably be up all night trying to improve it.  I want a professional looking piece, so I`ll give it another try and see what I can come up with.  Be watching for the new and improved, I`m gonna need all the help I can get!
    Thanks for all the feedback, this is just what I need!!
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    Just a quick thought. If you can`t stage the booth (chairs and such) just be very creative in staging the table. In other words I would jazz up that table to feel like it was intimate and personalized. I water feature on the corner or a beautiful floral piece for the table as a backdrop to you printed material. Or even a unique vessle to hold fresh lemons and limes. Don`t forget to cover the table in something other than their stock blue drape. The key it to utilize every square inch of that very pricey real estate...
    Hey how about setting the table with two nice settings complete with charger plates etc to show off you sense of style. Even try hanging art from the back wall if you can. Be sure to cover that stock blue drape on the back wall too.
    One thing I did for my company`s booth at a trade show that was for my work at home moms business was to walk the floor with a basket of fresh baked cookies in a cello bags. They were tied with a ribbon and the lable was complete with a cute message, my business info and booth number. It was a huge hit! 
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    Craig, I`m gonna give that a try tomorrow!  That`s very clever, I need to start thinking like an artist.
    Netmom, since you mention that, I have the perfect props to show that off, complete with a 1988 vintage Dom Perignon!  What can I use to conceal the back drape?  I thought about a soji type screen, or the room screens that have picture frames built into them, and put before and after pics in the frames.  I wonder if that would be overkill?
    Now if I can shut my mind off, I`m going to sleep on all of this.
    I love "y`all" (and I`m not a native Texan!)
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    Craig, I agree, I think the screen is where it`s at for the backdrop.  Kim, we hope to have our website complete by Aug. 1, that will give us a month of critiquing and fine tuning.  Watch for that post, I will need as much feedback as I can get!     
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    Craig, I`m gonna give that a try tomorrow!  That`s very clever, I need to start thinking like an artist.
    Netmom, since you mention that, I have the perfect props to show that off, complete with a 1988 vintage Dom Perignon!  What can I use to conceal the back drape?  I thought about a soji type screen, or the room screens that have picture frames built into them, and put before and after pics in the frames.  I wonder if that would be overkill?

    Overkill? Absolutely not! The before and after is great if they are sharp illustrative pictures. Those screens will be perfect. A thought for the bottle of Dom. Get a unique vessle for an ice bucket, clear of course, and fill it with those clear crystals decor stones to act as ice. Maybe even play with mixing them with a very very few light green or blue crystal is stones. Set the table in a minimalist Nate Burkus style using funky plates etc that will showcase the champaign. I think you get my drift. Simple elegence...
    Make sure (and I can`t stress this enough) that you dry run your booth at home several times. Even make a diagram to remember placement. Get the exact table and even ask the backdrop height. The worst thing you can do is have a setup in your mind or one based on your diningroom table and it completely fails when you get there. Replicate your booth in diminsion etc. Practice set up and breakdown. Several times.
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    Netmom, the thought of a dry run never crossed my mind...that`s a great suggestion.  That way we can have a feel for what will look best and where.  I was concerned that the screen with before and after pics might interfere with a slideshow, but now i think I`ll scrap the slideshow altogether and focus on the screen, it`s a much more creative way to present our work.
    Excellent!  Thank you, thank you!
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    Funny, how this is a Thinking of the dry-run, I hadn`t thought of that either. Excellent suggestion from Netmom. Any stage-show needs some rehearsal. It`s hard enough getting in front of the audience and trying to remember everything. Another thought, along these lines, is to think of yourself as being onstage while you`re at the booth. That means having some sort of patter, or schtick. Not that you have to be a carnival barker, but that you should know pretty closely what you`re going to say ahead of time, to various types of people and their questions.
    That is so true Craig! The worst thing in the world is to have this whole vision in your head and come show day find it doesn`t work. I am glad something I said may have been of help. Craig you are also dead on with the thought that you have to have a "schtick". Mine was the mom feel of the booth. Remember you are going to have to draw in those that are already mentally drained by the sheer number of things in front of them when they "walk the floor of one of those shows. You have a distinct advantage being the only one in your sector presenting, that is huge. Make the most of that.
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    We`ve been brainstorming all day and have come up with some clever stuff.  I don`t want to be too descriptive (gotta keep the edge going!) but we have come up with a way to demonstrate how dramatic and affordable staging is, as well as including some banners with different ways we can positively impact their earnings and potential.  The dry run idea is stupendous!  We have just the right sized area in the house and can set it up and try things out.  Don`t know how I will ever be able to thank everybody for their constructive and definitely useful suggestions!
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    Woah! is RIGHT!!  We came up with such a similar idea today!!!  We`ve been trying to figure out the construction logistics.  We ended up  with a 4x8 "wall" frame with pegboard attached (for ease of hanging things) concealed by fabric or perhaps wallpaper.  But the foam board is great!  I wonder if they used the rigid construction sheathing foam?  My partner suggested that, but I didn`t think it would support the weight of hanging items (pictures, mirrors or curtain rods).  What did they use to support it?  This is truly an excellent idea...two different sides of the display for two different looks.  This just gets better and better.
    THANK you for thinking of me today!!!
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    OK, I know what it is.  I`m heading to Home Depot tomorrow to do some snooping around.  This is going to be great!
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    STEVE...I missed your earlier post somehow, but we were just doing that today!  We did some role playing and came up with very interesting, thought provoking questions.  It actually gave us some new insight into the true value of our business to the Realtor.  It was so insightful that we thought we`d make a banner of all the benefits that came to mind when thinking of good answers.  We even developed a few original marketing angles too.  Very valuable tool.  Thanks!
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    I just wanted to add my two cents about your brochure...instead of using the before and after photos from the office/den, why don`t you use the:
    1. dining nook photos
    2. entry way photos
    3. fireplace photos
    4. set dining table photo
    I was looking through your web site and watched your presentation video (nicely done by the way); the office/den photos are not as dynamic as the other rooms.
    Also, I would match your brochure to your website; you want everyone to see one consistent look (branding). The blue on your site is much more dramatic than colors you used in your brochure. It is very important to have a consistent image associated to you and your company. You want to be remembered and you want to stand out. Hopefully, your business cards will also coordinate with the rest of your material (website, flyers, brochures, DVD label, folder, etc.) Keyword here is coordinate; they should not all be exact mirror images of each other, but they should have the same logo and color scheme. For instance the same shade of blue used on all of material. If the other color you use is white or ivory, make sure to use the same shade.
    Good luck with your show; I am looking forward to hearing great news about your success!
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    Kathy, I hope I can be as creative as your friends were.  I`m going to sample with a few ideas.  I`ll be sure to take pictures of what we come up with.
    Claddagh,  When I developed the design for the brochure (using the term "design" in the loosest possible way) we had not started with the website, and the dark, starry background sorta evolved  So now, you are correct, they just don`t blend.  Our signage really stands out because it is on a black background and the logo really pops, but our stationery and related materials use the lighter scheme.  My actual business card is pictured on what would be the back panel of the brochure.  And I totally agree with the picture choice, I actually have some new work to put into the brochure that has even more impact.
    Thanks for the advice, I`m going to rework things for the next week or so and see what develops.  Website should be ready for official critique on Wednesday.
    Thanks to everybody, you are great support!!!
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    We`re in a different market, but thought I`d pipe in with our trade show experience.  We simply gave away our biz cards and a few protect samples and dealer pricing sheets after we quantified the individual, but we had a HOOK that we didn`t realize at the time would stick with people 6 months later.  Our market (motorcycle cruisers) is predominately male, our logo is a flaming redhead, so we went with red jeans.  We`re waaay past too old to be competing with the barely dressed 18year olds that we see at all the events, but those red jeans (and huge doses of cranked up charm) stuck forever.  Six months have passed and we`ll be half way across the country at an event and we`ll hear "hey, you two were at the V-Twin in those red jeans"....
    They may not remember your product, but they will remember a good creative hook:)
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