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daisylanedaisylane subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2007 in Website Critique
I have redone my site several times but is something missing? I linked pictures to larger pictures and details but should I put more written descriptions in? Do you prefer the linked pictures (christmas stockings) or all pictures on one page (sachets). Are the pictures clear enough? Does the first page grab you? Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks you, Nanci "daisylane"
www.daisylanedesigns.netdaisylane2007-8-16 6:45:26


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    daisylanedaisylane subscriber Posts: 1
    Now try it. thank you for trying!
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I think that this part ....Comfortable
    recycled products from a gentler time. Specializing in circe`s*,
    fuddy,* and goodies as well as presents, remembrances,* and gifts..... looks crowded where it is, and makes the top of the page look "left heavy". Maybe move down, or align it to the right to balance things out.There are 2 search boxes in the top half of the page. Why? It makes me think right away that I won`t find what I want right away.The green Home box doesn`t blend in well. What does the flower symbolize? It looks out of place for the theme of your site. I would rather see more samples of what it is you offer. More straight forward information of what your site is about at the top.And in Firefox, the text along the right side of the page seems to disappear, so you can`t see all of it.
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    daisylanedaisylane subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for your help and here are some more questions.
    Craig - How did you get I was making clothing items out of jeans and t-Shirts? Where is that impression coming from so I can correct it?
    I can`t afford a layout artist yet so I have been studying everything I can. Everything I read says the from page should be clean and uncluttered with info above the "fold". this is why I haveit this way. I put the hyperlinked pictures up to give an idea of what I offer and to give another way to get to the pages. Should I remove them?
    What do you mean by copywriting - do you mean the name? or the ideas?
    My design story is on the about us page. Should this be on the front page instead?
    I can`t control the green home page color. This is a WYSIWYG and the page you are on turns green in the sidebar.
    I put pictures and info in tables to work on foxfire - any idea what I did wrong on that?
    I use the daisy because it is named daisy lane designs. I had the cat from the animals page at first but got advice to change it. Do you think that would be better. or maybe a daisy from on of the linens?
    I appreciate any ideas you have. Nanci
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    daisylanedaisylane subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you, I never thought of it that way.
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