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Trademarking a logo..."Trademark Pending"

dayDreamerdayDreamer subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
edited December 2015 in Protecting Your Ideas
Here is what I should have posted...I`m getting a trademark, not a patent...
Does anyone know if it is okay to start manufacturing a product (clothing in my case--a t-shirt to be exact) while the trademark is pending on the logo?  I plan to file the trademark application before the end of the year, but I`ve heard it takes nearly a year or longer for the application process to be complete. I don`t want to wait that long to start promoting/advertising/marketing my t-shirts. I`ve seen some products with "patent pending" on them or denoted on their websites.  What do you think? I want to be smart/safe, but I don`t want to waste too much time and prolong this process.  Please help!!


  • maluchnikmaluchnik subscriber Posts: 0
    You are actually able to use the "TM" as soon as you create the artwork.  The actual application is to register your trade mark to use the "R" next to your logo.  I`ve seen many company`s that never register their logo and just use the `TM.`
    Hope this helps.
  • jasonburtonjasonburton subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    When registered your business, all you business component and ideas including but not limited to name, logo, layout, description, design, slogan and tagline etc.. are all covered as part of your trademark and owenership which brings the "TM" signs as part of your property and owenership. That means all these trademark details are registered under your ownership and that brings you the "R" sign. Its part of petent pending resgitration as well. Anyway, if you are confuse try to study this site http://eatmywords.com/ it is about business naming and trademarking.
  • Raza-AssociatesRaza-Associates subscriber Posts: 9 Member
    After filling the trademark application you will receive trademark number after a week or two, After that you can legally use that trademark number to manufacture your products.
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