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I’ve got a website...any suggestions?

dayDreamerdayDreamer subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
Hello Everyone,
Check out my website at www.wordsmithsandmore.com</A>. I`m trying to increase/improve my search engine optimization (SEO).  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks, DayDreamer


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    First .... there is really no point in having a page with a neat logo and the word "Enter" .... we already know we`re at your site, and we want to get to point of your site, so it is basically just a delay for the user to get where they`re going. It isn`t benefiting anyone. Going to the next page .... it is too wide. Too much empty space in the middle. The right column doesn`t work with the red text and bluish background, and the text is too small. The left column is just a graphic; what is the benefit of having it? What is the building supposed to relate to me?Services page. I would rather see a bulleted list of the services you offer, rather than ran together in one long paragraph; it is easier to scan a list than a paragraph.For SEO .... you need better page titles; all of them saying almost the same thing is not beneficial to either a spider or user. This effects your internal page links; proper page names/titles can have an SEO benefit. Unique and descriptive is the rule. You have a lack of meta tags on your pages. Image alt names should be used.There is a lot of excess code and little content. Not good for SEO. I would suggest getting someone to rework your pages for better coding and SEO, and get your content built up in your pages.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    As was mentioned... the landing page is of no use. It has no meta tags, and no valuable content for the viewer or search engine/bot.
    Ditto on the page titles... each page should have a unique title relevant to its` content.
    While the header image on all the pages looks the same, in fact you use a different image file for each.  That means a different image needs to be loaded, a waste of brandwidth and the viewer`s time. Use the same image file for all the headers... your pages will load more quickly. The same applies to the left column image file.
    The red text on blue background is hard to read (right hand column). Black text would be fine.
    ~Rolandvwebworld2007-10-23 18:51:3
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Im going to echo on some of the stuff that the fellas pointed out earlier. Here is one more thing that I found when browsing... is this company that you are starting part of the company that designed your web site? because if so, I assume thats why they look similar.. well identical to be exact. Secondly, yes lose the landing page... and if Optimizing the web site is what you are trying to do, well try adding some keywords, description, and sitemap. Some other things to consider is a robot.txt just to allow the bots to parse the pages you want and to disallow the pages you don`t want the bot to search, for example your form, or login pages.Then try adding some content to the index page instead of a logo.
  • SearchGuySearchGuy subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi DayDreamer,
    Here are some high level things you can do for SEO for your site:

    Lose the splash page, go with a content rich page
    Submit your homepage to the major search engines, you are not indexed now and if you are not in the search engines then you cannot rank
    Each page should be unique. Think of it as each page having a different theme, for example - one page = cd rom content writing, page 2 = writing for research papers, etc...
    Browser titles must include primary keyword...see previous bullet
    Create a sitemap that includes all of your pages on the site
    Create more content. Write articles of how to`s, tips and tricks, any content that adds more depth to your site.
    Lastly, do a search on Google or Yahoo for the services you offer...writing research papers, etc... Look at the top results, look at the content, see what they are doing. Competitor analysis works wonders!
    Good Luck!
     SearchGuy2007-10-11 20:57:45
  • rsodhirsodhi subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Day Dreamer, I wrote an article called "SEO for Dummies - Demystifying Search Engine Optimization" that talks about simple SEO practices anyone can adopt. You may find this helpful in your quest. Cheers! Rajan 
  • sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    Hello Everyone,
    Check out my website at www.wordsmithsandmore.com. I`m trying to increase/improve my search engine optimization (SEO).  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks, DayDreamerThe best thing you can do is to open your site in a Lynx text only browser to see what it looks like. If the site isn`t clear then you have work to do.
  • abeltz01abeltz01 subscriber Posts: 0
    I also agree with many of the posters...all good info. However, if you are not able to process and implement those suggestions yourself, let me know. I work with a team that are masters of SEO and PPC implementation. Even Google indicated they were impressed with this teams creative strategies! Within 90 days, they can have your site and keywords completely optimized and converting at a generous rate.
    I can put you in touch with them if your interested.
  • ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
    Im going to resound on a portion of the stuff that the fellas called attention to before. Here is one all the more thing that I found when perusing... is this organization that you are beginning part of the organization that composed your site? since provided that this is true, I accept that is the reason they appear to be comparative.. well indistinguishable to be correct. Furthermore, yes lose the presentation page... also, if Optimizing the site is the thing that you are attempting to do, well take a stab at including a few watchwords, depiction, and sitemap. Some different things to think about is as a robot.txt just to permit the bots to parse the pages you need and to refuse the pages you don`t need the bot to seek, for instance your frame, or login pages.Then have a go at adding some substance to the file page rather than a logo.
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