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What to do to prepare for a trade show?

dayDreamerdayDreamer subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
edited May 2008 in Public Relations
Hello Fellow SuN members,
Does anyone have any advice about how to prepare for a trade show?  What are some things I need to do?  I know I will need a display.  Should I hire a company to design my display?  Please help!
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  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi DayDreamer,
    I would suggest starting with the basics. Write down what you want to accomplish at the show and ideas for meeting those goals.
    What will members of your target market care about, and why will they want to meet with you at the show? Why are you unique and what benefits do you have to offer?
    Once you have a plan of action, you can create your marketing materials, presentations, booth, etc. with your goals and target audience in mind. This will also help you focus and save time and money.
    Who has other tips for DayDreamer?
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Hello Brooklyn:
    When it comes to tradeshows, Susan A. Friedmann is considered "the authority" on the topic. In fact, she`s appropiately known as "The TradeShow Coach." She`s also the author of "Meeting and Event Planning For Dummies." You can read some of her articles here.
    I highly recommend you heed her sage advice.
    Dale King
    DaleKing5/29/2008 11:14 AM
  • whatsyourdestinationwhatsyourdestination subscriber Posts: 0
    The best site in the world for getting information on tradeshows and meeting planning is this one:

    http://www.corbinball.com/bookmarks/   it will show you any and everything about planning or attending a meeting or tradeshow.
  • escentreescentre subscriber Posts: 0
    Trade shows are the vanues where real buyers or customers would come to get your "real live presentation" of your products or services. They go there to get information, compare and verify your business with your competitors. In trade shows, your competitors will be in the same premise so here you have to give your would be customers the true picture of your "inside reality" to them. 
    There`s no excuse of being unprepared. As PRPro says "starting with the basics" is absolutely right. Just think like you are setting up a most efficient sales and marketing branch office in a new location. Get prepared well in advance say about a month before the day, sit on the plan and start your incubation (make improvements patching up the short comings). You will be 100% ready when the time comes.
    escentre5/30/2008 6:07 PM
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    Does anyone have any advice about how to prepare for a trade show?  What are some things I need to do?  I know I will need a display.  Should I hire a company to design my display?
    There were some good links posted, good show. However, it`s probably best to review what is appropriate in your niche. DayDreamer makes clothes. As such, it makes more sense to find information about apparel industry trade shows. For that, I recommend my site, Fashion-Incubator. There`s over 1,300 entries covering the gamut of producing a clothing line (everything from planning, sourcing, production and sales).
    With respect to this question specifically, I recommend searching for specific tradeshows appropriate to your product line. Some shows are better than others depending on your products and price points. Likewise, you need to know how to set up a booth, what goes on in the back of the house (iow, marshalling etc), the costs, whether you should hire a sales rep or even, have the rep show your line in her booth (and how to hire them and knowing what to pay in the first place). Also on Fashion-Incubator, you`ll find many reviews on the various shows written by designers recounting their experiences.
  • cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
    I have done many trade shows for my art jewelry and small sculptural work. You will need a well designed booth, if you decide to rent displays, be sure to add your touch to the display, to make it your own. Lighting is critical, halogen is the best. If you need any more information on nuts and bolts of what to bring along, let me know, I have a list of essentials.
    Good Luck!
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    Impressions is a good starting point. Also see the sourcing section of Stitches. I thought there was another magazine called Embroidery Business but I don`t find it right now. Anyway, I`d think many of the advertisers in these pubs could help you.
  • jensterlingjensterling subscriber Posts: 1
    I have several tips about trade shows.
    1. first before you register find out the vendor to attendee ratio and also a clear description of who their attendee is
    audience is important
    2. if its your first show - concentrate on a simple display -- you can design it yourself and then go to a place like joseph merritt graphics -- they will fine tune and advise on platform
    we used a table top display along with some table signs
    3.  brochures and marketing materials important
    4. giveaways less than one dollar placed in the back of the booth so people have to walk in.
    5.  bring your own equipment - lap and monitor and extensions
    6. bring your own scotch guard for static -- everything you buy there will cost beaucoup money
    kinda like buying a water bottle when standing on line to get up to the Empire State Building
    email me if you need additional help or suggestions
    I was an event coordinator in my past life and would be happy to help
    Shout out to --Jen Sterling  mammasjoy@charter.net
  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    • Research the trade show
    • Know your budget
    • Plan and book your space
    • Plan your trade show in terms of the audience
  • ideasunlimited1ideasunlimited1 subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Have the pamphlets and freebies out, available and adequately stocked. Stay hydrated and keep your area well set up and clutter free to minimize time focusing on set up and more time to talk to potential leads. Also, be prepared to know what demographics you really want to target that day.
  • Taskenator Ltd.Taskenator Ltd. subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    edited June 2019
    Have a checklist of what to bring and what to do on the trade show. The trade show's schedule is something to take note of and also the time you will be able to personally communicate and network with participants. Make sure to really make use of the time while on the trade show. 

    If designing a booth is not your expertise and you also have the budget for an extra hand, then hiring someone to design your booth will not be a problem. It will also let you focus on other things you can prepare while at the tradeshow.
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