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Multi-Level Marketing businesses/programs

dayDreamerdayDreamer subscriber Posts: 40 Bronze Level Member
edited October 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hello Everyone,
Has anyone been involved in a multi-level marketing business?  If so, what was your experience?  Would you recommend it?  Can you really make money doing this?


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    miabellacandlesmiabellacandles subscriber Posts: 3
    Your experience and level of financial success will depend upon many of the same factors that determine success in any business. For example, do you believe in the products/services? Do you believe in your own ability? Do you have perseverance? Are you willing to put in the necessary effort, time, and money to market it? Are you realistic in your expectations? Are you coachable?
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    dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    Dear Daydreamer,
    We have been very successful in Network Marketing (NM). Yes you can make money and create a great lifestyle. But... and it`s a big but, you have to understand that only a small percentage make any money.
    Why? Not because its a pyramid scheme. Those are illegal (and you want to make sure you don`t get caught up in one)! We have helped many people "under" us earn more money that we have.
    There are several factors. The company, the products and the compensation plan are important. Do your due diligence! Posting here is only a beginning. Find out everything you can about the business you`re looking at.
    Is the company stable? The majority of NM companies fail within three years. Is there long term leadership? Integrity? Do they share your values? Are they working for you or do they expect you to work for them?
    Do the products or services offer real value? Would you pay full retail for them?
    Is the comp plan good math that rewards the people who are doing the work? Has it been messed with at any time by the company to reduce incomes to distributors?
    Your attitude is huge. Will you treat it like a hobby or a business? Most people in NM treat it like a hobby and get the results of a hobby- hobbies cost you money.
    You need to treat it like a real business. It`s hard because you don`t have to invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to get started, like if you bought a MacDonald`s franchise.
    Most people have never worked for themselves and try to build a business as an employee of the company. Again, this is a business and you are the CEO. You need to learn how to be an entrepreneur.
    NM is also as much a people business as anything else. So you have to want to help people. The best thing about NM are the people! The hardest thing about NM are the people!
    For us, it was essential that we had a good sponsor and we do. They became our friends and mentors. There are subtle things about each NM opportunity that can make or break it for you.
    The good news is that all of the above doesn`t matter if you have a desire big enough to overcome any obstacles. We see this over and over again. People form every imaginable background succeed in NM.
    So... ask yourself, "Why will I do whatever it takes (leagally and ethically of course) to build my business"?
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Scott & Laurie
    dsprindle2/27/2008 1:13 PM
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    godsgeneralgodsgeneral subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi this is Anthony, I agree with the rest of the replies, I too have been in alot of MLM companies, but I have just now found one that still pays where I sign-up dist are not, and they don`t ask you to have a lot of people before they start paying you, do me a favor and come check out my web-site (www.holyteaclub.com/freshstart) What I really like is that the products sell them self, when people try it. And it`s free to join, you get a free web-site no monthly fee, they even let people buy a sample from your site for under $20.00 dallors. But most of all anyone can join and don`t have to place an order that day. I just started month and I can see already it`s going to do well, because once they try it they more, and then they sign on to get the discount.
    Thanks Anthony
    godsgeneral3/4/2008 10:11 PM
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    i agree with miabella , scott and laurie. those are very honest inputs.  i have seen many MLMs come and go and frankly i turn my back anytime anyone asks me to pony up. why should i if the system is so good and if they are confident enough in their credentials?  this is just my personal opinion.  many legitimate and well established ones do require money and one can be successful with them, just not my style.
    i got involved in an online MLM not long ago.  i am sure you have heard of paid surveys online? i made $300 on average doing it myself every month. but when i started referring others my checks grew exponentially.  the best part is that there is no cost to join. it does take time and hard work to get established, but then again what doesn`t? there is no free lunch. but if you want all the free information as well as a list of only the top paying survey firms, do visit www.easyextramoneyonline.com
    make sure you read the section on tips and strategies to grow your business.  all the info is summarized for you in one spot and there is no reason why anyone shouldnt be able to make an extra $500 or more every month.  I am personally at 1,500 per month - and growing.
    good luck and let us know of your experiences!
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    dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    The only way to make money in an MLM is to get in early. Here`s one that isn`t even out in the public yet, so it`s free to get in.

    This is simply not true. Anyone who promotes this idea does not know how to build a NM business. There are thousands who have made big money with NM companies that have been around for a long time.
    We used this excuse the first time we failed in NM. But then we failed twice again. The third time was with a brand new company that went under their first year in business.
    We also have learned that anything worth something costs something. There is no free lunch in NM. In fact it is one of the biggest reasons people fail in NM. If it cost nothing they do not take it seriously.
    Beware of get-rich-quick attitudes that give NM a bad name.dsprindle10/13/2008 3:33 PM
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    Tabor88Tabor88 subscriber Posts: 3
    You absolutely can make money with Network Marketing, or MLM, however you wish to call it.  
    I think the key factors are A.) Being on the ground floor (Right place at the Right Time)B.) Finding a company that offers products or services are actually in demand, either by luxury or necessity. (And NOT health drinks or soap that people will just buy at the store if they want them) C.) Finding something that you can believe in, this way you can sell it to others. 
    Best of Luck 
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