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How do I sell my recycled paper products to local stores?

AnUrbanTwistAnUrbanTwist subscriber Posts: 6
edited October 2008 in Sales
I`m new here to SUN and love it.  I hope I am not asking a redundant question but here it is:
In August, I started making unique recycled journals.  Surprisingly they have taken off.  People like the recycled aspect.  I now desire to get them on the shelves at the local general store and my ultimate goal is to have them on the shelves of Cracker Barrel!
They are already selling in a small boutique in town but the owner contacted me from my website www.anurbantwist2.etsy.com and I made an easy sale, so I didn`t have to do too much selling.  The journals sold themselves. 
I want to contact the buyer of the general store, but I am thinking I should just go into the store and take some of my products with me. 
These are my questions:
1. Do I need a contract with me when I approach these stores? 
2. What kinds of forms should I take with me when I approach the desired stores? 
3. What else should I take with me?
4. Will they usually buy on the spot or do stores like to pay in installments? 
Thank you so much for your time.  I appreciate it.
Enjoy your day,

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