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How to sell an ebook on ebay, but not get #@%&ed?

N0XPDN0XPD subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2006 in Sales
My ultimate goal is to purchase a computer service franchise.  To get there, I need money.  I have writen a small how-to book that I would like to sell on ebay as an "ebook."  I can secure the document in Adobe, but what I cannot prevent (as far as I know) is keeping people from buying 1 copy, and reselling the same PDF file as their own.  Yes, I can copyright the work, but that will not stop people from doing it.  The only thing I can think of is to have a POD (print on demand) publisher prepare the ebook and somehow link a auto-renewing listing on ebay (if there is such a thing) to the publishers site for product fulfilment.
Any ideas?


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    cugelertcugelert subscriber Posts: 7
    I have a couple of great reports I`ve written as well and would like to sell, but I`ve been told more than once, that it doesn`t matter how hard you try and protect yourself, if anyone wants to resell the ebook, it will happen with or without a copyright.
    In fact all they would need to do is rewrite it in their own words if they choose to, and call it something else.  The subject matter isn`t a basis for a lawsuit, and if they rewrite it in their own words, then its no longer under your copyright.
    It won`t matter how much you spend, people will always try and find a way to profit from your hard effort...
    Good luck.
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    A friend of mine and I are in the middle of writing software that will
    secure your "pdf" version with will make it vertually impossible to
    copy or share unless they retype the entire book... But, as you may
    have guessed... it`s not complete yet. As soon as this software... and
    publishing technique is complete, I will be sure to tell the nation....
    The Start Up Nation!

    Start it up!
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    InflatableMadnessInflatableMadness subscriber Posts: 7
    I agree - an Ebook is really hard to protect.  
    A few ideas:
    1.  Why not make it a real book that you`d ship to the customer?
    2.  You could also make the Ebook accessible via a password protected website - so it would be a webpage, not a download.
    3.  Maybe your Ebook has trade value - Ebook trading, link trading, etc.
    Good luck!
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    N0XPDN0XPD subscriber Posts: 1
    www.lulu.com</A>  I`m going to make it available as a softcover as well as an ebook.  I`m just trying to find a way to get exposure and make money.  If I have it "published" it will just sit there, I need to get the "word" out.
    Please keep the ideas coming!
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    cugelertcugelert subscriber Posts: 7
    I even entertained the idea of just selling my e-reports on ebay with the right to copy just to make some extra cash.  After all, its great information, but it won`t let me retire from it.
    If you decide to do the soft cover, I have a great contact in the printing biz.  Let me know.
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